Worlds Collide

Jess is a bullied, suicidal emo girl. Perry is the captain of the swim team and the most popular guy in school. They live in two completely separate worlds. But what will happen when those two worlds collide?


3. Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Jess's PoV:

I drift with the crowd up into the school. There's no sigh of Kayleigh or Marc, which is good. I really, really don't wanna see them. I lower my head even more and walk, staring at my feet. When I reach my locker, I see a pair of feet wearing white Toms. That can only mean one person. I look up. "Gabby." I mutter. I quickly unlock my locker and throw my stuff and my phone in, slamming it quickly so she can't grab it. I turn to her. "What do you want now?" She smirks. "Is that any way to talk to the principals' daughter, Jessie?" I clench my teeth. I hate it when people call me Jessie. "Sorry. What I meant was, what the fuck do you want, bitch?" She frowns, flipping her long hair over her shoulder. "You don't understand do you?" She snaps her fingers. "Girls!" She smirks. "Let's teach this little bitch a lesson."

Perry's PoV:

I walk into the school with the guys on the swim team, talking about the meet last night. "You were totally awesome, Perry!" One of the guys, Jake, gushes. "I wish I could swim like you!" I smile modestly, but inside I'm thinking, 'This is so boring.' "He's right, Perry." My best friend, Kenny, says. "You really were amazing." "Thanks man." I say, clapping him on the back. "You weren't too bad yourself." Suddenly, I hear screams echoing down the hallway. We look at eachother, confused. "Is there another fight?" Jake exclaims. "Let's go see!" Another guy named Drake yells. The whole team takes off running down the hallway. Kenny and I follow slowly. I roll my eyes. "Good grief. You'd have thought they've never seen a fight before." Kenny smiles. "C'mon, we'd better go break it up."

Jess's PoV:

I stumble against a locker, my cheek bleeding. One of the cheerleader bitches had a ring on, and it cut my face. My eye is on fire, I think it's swelling. I'm covered in scratches and bruises, and I can't do anything. I'm not getting expelled from another school. It'd only cause trouble for my mom. "C'mon bitch! Stand up!" Gabby sneers. One of her cronies, I think her name is Rachel, throws me to the floor and starts kicking my stomach. Her second kick knocks the wind out of me. The world starts to go blurry. I lay there, trying to breath. "Has the little bitch learned her lesson yet?" Gabby asks. Rachel shakes her head. "One more blow to the face, then she'll know not to mess with you!" Rachel winds up, and swings her foot towards my face. I clench my eyes shut, waiting for the excruciating pain to come.

Perry's PoV:

I see a group of cheerleaders, surrounded by almost the entire school. They're cheering about something. I reach the edge of the crowd, and shove my way to the center. My girlfriend, Gabby, is there. She and the other cheerleaders are standing over a girl. She's bleeding and covered in bruises. Her eye is swelling shut. She's not moving from her position on the floor. "Has the little bitch has learned her lesson yet?" Gabby asks, smirking coldly. Her best friend, Rachel, smiles and says, "One more blow to the face, then she'll know not to mess with you!" She winds up to kick the girl in the face. The girl clenches her good eye shut. She's preparing herself for the worst. Rachel swings her foot forward...... Into my arm. At the last second, I jump in front of the girl, catching Rachel's kick on my arm. I flinch, pain shuddering across my arm. Gabby's eyes widen. "B-babe!" She walks over to Rachel, and slaps her across the face, leaving a red mark. "You have some nerve, kicking my boyfriend!" She yells. Rachel flinches and puts her hand against her cheek. "He g-got in the way..." "Shut up, you ugly whore!" Gabby screams, then turns to me. "Baby, are you ok?" She rolls up my hoodie sleeve, and looks at the black and purple bruise spreading across my forearm. "Here, I'll take you to the nurses office to get ice." She grabs my arm gently, and whispers in my ear, "maybe the nurse won't be in there..." She smiles. I pull my arm out of her grasp. "No thanks." I say shortly. "I have to take her to the nurses office." I turn around, and pick up the girl laying behind me. It looks like she passed out. I stand up, and head towards the nurses office. "I'll see you later." I say to Gabby.

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