7 Years Later

ATTENTION: sexual content and swearing .

My first year out of college and it's my actual first real job as a receptionist. Time to start my life...


4. shock

As my first day of work went on. It was actually kind of boring, the place wasn't busy at all. I checked the time on my phone and it read 3:30, I sighed I had 3 more hours till I could leave and go home. "Eager to leave me, huh?" Of course it was Mr. Styles, he's been stopping by ever 2hours it seemed like. " No eager to take a shower and go to sleep." I jokingly said back. His genuine grin turned into an all so famous sexy smirk. He leaned in and whispered just loud enough for me to hear ," I'd like to think of you in the shower." As he leaned away he winked.

I sat back in complete shock by Mr. Styles actions. "Sir I don't think that's something you say to your assistant.." I tried my best to sound thorough but I'm sure it sounded weak. Finally he said,"Well Ms. Barnett you're just too damn beautiful and innocent not to say that too."

As I say there and listened to him say that I thought to myself and remember to when I was 15 and in love with the man before me.


Me: I just wish I could get a backstage pass to see him then Just maybe he'd meet me and fall in love with me. Michelle: you're crazy, because it doesn't work that way. It's different

*End of Flashback*

Mr.Styles snapped me out of my thoughts when he clapped his hands in front of me. I jumped at first and looked up "yes sir?" He studied me for a minute or 2. "Ms. Barnett do you have a boyfriend?" "No sir." He smiled at me for a second then looked at the clock it read 6:15 and the looked back at me. " you can go now."

I basically ran out of work to go home.

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