Afterward : the fault in our stars

After Gus's death will Hazel Grace ever be the same?


1. Chapter 1

It went back to the same life of me: the one who says home watches reality tv shows, and rereads the same books over and over again. But of course the name of Augustus Waters never leaves my mind. A day never goes by with out me thinking of our little infinity. I see him in my copy of price of dawn. I see him in Isaac. I see him in the stars. I see my love everywhere.

One day after 2 weeks after I read the letter I called up Isaac and shared my findings.

"What would you tell him if he were still alive?" He asked me.

"I would tell him that his mark was not a scar," I said fighting back my tears. "I miss him"

"Who doesn't?"

"I'm not sure. How have you been?"

"Being blind sucks but it's even worst when your best friend dies"

"I guess."

After that we stayed quiet and we played blind people video games for like about a hour. Then I went home.

I reread the letter. This time A sentence was looking right at me:

I like my choices I hope she likes hers

Then I remembered how he wanted to change the world somehow. He just never had the life to do it. But here I am alive. I am that one possibility for him.

I felt his eyes shine on me

"Okay?" I whispered

I closed my eyes and remembered his voice


But just then my mom came in my room with a large smile on her face.

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