Trying to stay away from a player

I've heard about this up and coming group called One Direction i mean who hasn't but when i met them Harry Styles started flirting with me and from what i heard i shouldn't be near him.


42. The wedding Carrie's Version

*6 months later*

Riley's P.O.V

today was my wedding day and i was getting married to Niall in less then an hour and now i was just getting ready.

Carrie was my maid of honor and all the boys were Niall's best man or in this case i should say best men since there is more then one, and then i heard the door open and i saw Carrie

"hey Carrie"

"hey so you ready today is your big day"

"yeah but before i go out there i have to ask you something"

"what is it?"

"did you choose Liam or Harry"

"i chose Liam, Harry is in my past and Liam is my future"


*an hour later*

i was walking down the aisle and then i got up to Niall and then i said my vows and then Niall said

"i guess it's my turn now well basically i love you i loved you from the moment i saw you, and i will always love you for the rest of my life and i'm glad that you are now my wife and i will be there for you whenever and wherever you need me and i will never leave you"

then we kissed and we went on our honeymoon

*1 year later*

Riley's P.O.V

me and Niall now have a baby girl named Emily, and she looks just like Niall

Carrie's P.O.V

me and Liam are now engaged and are expecting a baby girl

Louis's P.O.V

i'm currently dating a girl for the past year

Zayn's P.O.V

i'm in a relationship and happier then ever

Harry's P.O.V

i'm still not completly over Carrie but i am with someone else and i love her

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