Trying to stay away from a player

I've heard about this up and coming group called One Direction i mean who hasn't but when i met them Harry Styles started flirting with me and from what i heard i shouldn't be near him.


31. No time

"Don't leave I love you." Liam said.

"No you don't Liam, I don't have time for this I have to catch a flight." I said

"Well...I guess if you are really going to leave Just go, Just remember I did really love you." Liam said. Then he turned around and left. I looked at Harry and Kissed him again.

"Bye Harry." I said then I turned around and got on the plane.

     Harry's P.O.V

          I watched her plane take off then I left the airport and walked back To the hotel. I walked into my room and dived onto my bed and started crying. Then I heard someone walk inI looked at the door it as blurry but I made out the image of Riley.

"What do you want." I said.

"I just came to make you fell better, I heard about Carrie." She said.

"There's nothing you can do." I said and sat upon my bed and she sat in front of me.

"Well I though I could do this." She said and leaned in for a kiss. But I looked away before she could touch.

"No." I said in a pouty tone. 

"Go back to Niall, leave me alone." I said.

"Fine I just came to help, Won't do that again. Oh and by the way you are on Louis and Liam's bus now we got rid of the third one." She said in a snotty tone.

"Whatever go away." I almost yelled. 

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