Trying to stay away from a player

I've heard about this up and coming group called One Direction i mean who hasn't but when i met them Harry Styles started flirting with me and from what i heard i shouldn't be near him.


34. going shopping with Riley

Carrie's P.O.V

"hey Riley ready to go shopping"

"yeah i am"

* 15  minutes later*

we got to the mall and then  i said 

"so when is the wedding"

"were thinking about after the tour ends"

"that's great"

"so who are you gonna go with...Harry or Liam?"

"i don't know... i might just go alone"

"no you can't go alone"

"okay i won't go alone"

"okay good"

then we spent about two and a half hours shopping 

and then we went back to the hotel and Riley went to her room and i put my stuff in my room then i went to Liam's room and i knocked on the door, and he answered it and then i kissed him

"i want to be with you Liam"

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