Trying to stay away from a player

I've heard about this up and coming group called One Direction i mean who hasn't but when i met them Harry Styles started flirting with me and from what i heard i shouldn't be near him.


5. flirting with someone else

Carrie's P.O.V

I actually liked it when Harry kissed me but i didn't want him to know and i didn't want to ruin the party for Riley cause i could tell that her and Niall really liked each other and i didn't want to pull her away from him but i also didn't want to stay near Harry either, cause even though i liked him and i liked the kiss there was no denying that Harry was still a player and i didn't want to get hurt again like i got hurt all those years ago. I was about to walk outside but then Liam stopped me and said

"you shouldn't be going outside all alone....i'll come with you"

"okay" then me and Liam went outside and we sat down on a bench outside and then we just started talking and stuff and then when i looked at the window i saw Harry standing there watching us looking angry, but i ignored it and then me and Liam kept talking.

Riley's P.O.V

While i was talking to Niall i noticed that Harry kissed Carrie and that she liked it....maybe she still likes him, but then she went outside with Liam and Harry looks kinda mad that she's out there with Liam maybe he should just move on. i mean Carrie kinda did. 

Then i was brought out of my thoughts when i felt a pair of lips kiss me and then when we pulled away. i saw it was Niall who kissed me, and then he grabbed my hand looked into my eyes, and he said "Riley will you be my girlfriend" at first i was in shock and stuff that Niall asked me to be his girlfriend and then i said "of course Niall i'll be your girlfriend"

and then he smiled and then i smiled and then we kissed again.

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