Flowers ||H.S Fan Fiction||

Emily had a perfect life. Great parents, a normal girl at school. But that all changed when Harry came to her high school. Harry ended up falling in love with her but will she love him back? Read Flowers to find out! This is my first fan fiction, so... Sorry if it sucks! ;)


8. Chapter 8: Emily and Harry's date

Emily's POV.

Today is me and Harry's date.

I was wearing a blue sundress and pink flats and a blue and pink head band. My make up is golden eyeshadow, mascara, and purple eyeliner and pink lipgloss.


'Ding Dong' I heard the doorbell ring.

"Hey Harry" I said opening the door to see Harry wearing a black V-neck with a white blazer over and black skinny jeans and his boots.

"Hey Emily" he said "let's go" I said while he interlocked our fingers and we started walking to the movie palace.

-movie palace-

"Here we are!" Harry exclaimed "wow. I've never been here" I said with wide eyes "really I thought you would've you know, like you've been so many places" Harry said scratching the back of his neck "don't worry. If you thought that was rude it wasent" Emily chuckled "oh ok good." Harry paused as we stepped up to the register to get our tickets and snacks. "Um... 2tickets to, Mr.Peabody" I said. Harry laughed and said "really?" "Hey that's what you get for letting me choose the movie" I said getting the tickets and the popcorn Harry ordered and we went to watch the movie.

--After Movie--

"That was so funny!" Harry laughed as we walked out of the movie palace "ok, Harry calm down!" I half shouted to Harry while chuckling "ok I'm calm" Harry giggled "let's go back to my house, my mom said she might be asleep but she has apple slices on the kitchen table for both of us" I said "ok let's go" Harry said running to my house . I took off my flats then started running after to him barefoot.

"We're here" I said while opening the door. "Emily, Harry is that you?" I heard my mom ask "yes mom it is" I said "ok the apple slices are in the kitchen" my mom said "ok Cherry" Harry said. "Hey Harry let's go up to my room for a little bit" I said taking Harry up to my room.

Harry's POV.

"Hey Emily, you look like your dad" I said "yeah I know" she said "sorry I shouldn't of said that" I said "it's fine, I hate my dad anyway" she said "why?" I asked "I guess I should tell you" she said sitting down on her bed. I sat beside her "when I was 11 I got bullied and there was a new kid named James we became instant friends. The it was my 14th b-day and James asked me out. I had a huge crush on him at the time so I said yes but then I turned 16 he started abusing me I told my dad and he dint believe me I showed my dad the bruises, still dint believe me. I turned 17 and my mom found out and sent him to jail. But my dad, well.... He wasn't to happy about it. He slapped my mom when he found out he also slapped me twice and my mom and dad started fighting more, my dad said 'James was the best thing to happen to Emily! She's nothing without him!' My mom got hurt by that I mostly got hurt. My dad left that night and came back next morning he came back crying, no bawling his eyes out and he begged for forgiveness my mom dint forgive him at frost but the he actually started cutting himself witch was the unthinkable and then my mom forgave him. Then he got the new job and he only apparently loves Beth so that's why I hate him and I actually have a bad past!" Emily finished while crying.

I realized I was hugging her. I checked the time and it was 10:00.

"I'm sorry Emily but I have to go" I said "ok bye" she said "hey tomorrow is Sunday and Tuesday is our last day of school then it's spring!" I said trying to make her happy "yeah bye Harry" she said and I walked out of her house.

(A/N: Harry figured out Emily's past. I still need votes for Lamie and Leleanor, so vote please! I will update the next chapter soon! Love your Tacos$)

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