Flowers ||H.S Fan Fiction||

Emily had a perfect life. Great parents, a normal girl at school. But that all changed when Harry came to her high school. Harry ended up falling in love with her but will she love him back? Read Flowers to find out! This is my first fan fiction, so... Sorry if it sucks! ;)


4. Chapter 4:going to school

Harry's POV.

When I woke up it was 6:30 so I had 30 mins to get ready.

I took a long hot shower and when I got out I put on an black V-neck with my tight black jeans with my boots. I brushed my teeth and ran my fingers threw my hair and went downstairs.

I got a piece of toast that popped up from the toaster and put butter on it and then I ate it.

I got outside and felt my phone vibrate.

(Convo: E:Emily H:Harry)

E: can you pick me up from school? Xx

H:sure ill be right over! Xx

That was the last thing I sent her and drove over to her house.

"Hey Emily" I said getting out of my car and walking up to her on her doorstep "Hey Hazz" she said hugging me. I hugged back "are you ready for school?" I asked her "yeah" she said and we got in my car and drove to school.

During the car ride we had the radio on and 'She looks so perfect' came on.

Emily stared singing to it. She is a pretty good singer.

"You like this song?" I asked her turning up the radio and smiling at her, "yeah I do" she sang " you're a good singer" I said and she immediately stopped singing "thanks but really I'm not" she blushed "you're so modest!" I said to her "no it's just..." She trailed off "what?" I asked "I'll tell you later" she told to me slighting giggling "ok!" I paused awkward like "we're here!" I exclaimed hopping out of the car and rushing to her side opening the door for her "what a gentleman" she chuckled getting out of the car " I know, let's go!" I dragged her inside the school.

(A/N: ooooh! What do you think Emily is hiding?? Sorry it took me so long to update! I'll update the next chapter soon! Love you my Tacos! <3)

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