Flowers ||H.S Fan Fiction||

Emily had a perfect life. Great parents, a normal girl at school. But that all changed when Harry came to her high school. Harry ended up falling in love with her but will she love him back? Read Flowers to find out! This is my first fan fiction, so... Sorry if it sucks! ;)


3. Chapter 3: When Harry gets to know Emily

Emily's POV.

Me and Harry are playing 20 questions so we could get to know each other better. "Ok favorite... Color?" Harry asked me "Green" I answered "ok, what's your favorite color?" I asked him "blue" he said to me "favorite..... Food?" He asked me "apples" I told him "you?" I asked him "tacos" he screamed "shut up!" I shouted to him "sorry. What's your favorite animal?" He asked/said to me "cats" I said "you?" I asked him "cats also" he said putting his hand on his neck "cool" I said while he released his neck "favorite band?" He asked me "5SOS" I said "you?" I asked him "Coldplay" he said "favorite..... Um.. Holiday?!" He asked me "Easter, you?" I asked him "Christmas" he said "ok favi-" he was cut off by my mom "dinner!" She yelled.

We walked down stairs to see Beth in a high chair and my mom on the right of Beth.

I sat beside my mom and Harry sat beside me in the guest chair.

There was one chair open. My dad's chair. "Here you go guys help yourself" my mom said setting a big bowl of pasta in the middle of the table. Harry grabbed the spoon and put some pasta on his plate. I grabbed a little and put it on my plate. "Mom I have a question" I said awkwardly "yes dear?" My mom asked me "well Harry lives on his own and I was wondering if maybe, I could go live with him... I'll get to know him more first and maybe he could come over for dinner every other time so you could get to know him?" I asked her hopefully "well ok then but you guys have to sleep in separate rooms and we have to get to know him for 2 weeks!" My mom said "YES THANK YOU MOM!" I yelled springing up from my seat and giving my mom a big bear hug. "Your welcome Emmy" my mom said "Emmy?" Harry asked "my nick-name" I groaned "ah ok, Emmy" Harry teased "shut up" I growled to him "sorry" he yelped putting his hands up in defense. I chuckled "it's fine" I said in between giggles.

Harry's POV.

Her giggle was so cute. I was determined to make her mine! But asking her out after knowing her one day well.... That's just crazy!

Maybe after about 2 weeks or 1 week of hanging out ill her ask her out.

"Hey Emily? Can I have your number?" I questioned "yeah" she answered excitedly. "Great!" I said snatching her phone and putting my number in.

I texted myself so I could have her number. "Thanks" I said handing her phone to her, "no problem Hazz" she said "Hazz?" I asked her "yeah a nick name for you, do you like it?" She asked me worriedly "yes I love it!" I said tackling her in a hug. She hugged back and chuckled. "Ok you to, if you're done with dinner go put you're plates up and go do something" Cherry said giggling "yes ma'am" Emily said while pushing me off her and saluting like a solider. She pulled me up to her room and we joked around the rest of the night.

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