Flowers ||H.S Fan Fiction||

Emily had a perfect life. Great parents, a normal girl at school. But that all changed when Harry came to her high school. Harry ended up falling in love with her but will she love him back? Read Flowers to find out! This is my first fan fiction, so... Sorry if it sucks! ;)


13. Chapter 13: Jamie and Louis' date

Louis' POV.

Today was the day! Me and Jamie's date.

I'm so nervous 0.0

I got dressed into black jeans and a white tee and a black blazer. We're going to a fancy Italian restaurant. My parents are rich, but Jamie doesn't know that.....

Oh crap! I dint tell Jamie I was a rich boy! Harry knew so does everyone else except Jamie, I suck.

7:30 it's time.

I went to Jamie's to see her wearing a pink flowy dress with white sandals and her brown hair with hot pink underneath was in a ponytail and the pink was visible and pink lipstick and eye shadow.

"Beautiful" I said to her "thanks" she said and kissed my cheek. "Drive" she said and I did.

-skip date cause it's rather boring-

"I had fun" I said opening her door for her when we got to her house. "Me to" she said. "Let's do it again?" I asked her "sure Lou" she said and kissed my cheek and walked into her house.

Best date ever.

(A/N: Sorry I have to keep cutting these chapters short! :( I really am. Sorry my Tacos.

Love you my Tacos$)

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