Flowers ||H.S Fan Fiction||

Emily had a perfect life. Great parents, a normal girl at school. But that all changed when Harry came to her high school. Harry ended up falling in love with her but will she love him back? Read Flowers to find out! This is my first fan fiction, so... Sorry if it sucks! ;)


12. Chapter 12: next day

Jamie's POV.

Today is gonna be awkward between us... Well I better get dressed!

I got dressed in a red sparkly shirt and white ripped jeans all the way down and black pumps with knee high black socks that can be seen from the rips. I put on eyeliner and mascara and some red lipstick.

I looked in my full body mirror and looked satisfied.

I walked to school and saw our little group with Niall wasn't in anymore... ;(

"Hey guys!" I said pulling Louis to the side.

"Louis, I like you and I just don't want a relationship." I mumbled into his ear and saw goose bumps. Sheesh.

He pulled back. "Jamie I like you to. But can you please just let me take you on a date." He asked in a Whiney voice. It was cute.

"Ok fine!" I sighed. While we walked back over to the group.

Well this is gonna be interesting........

(A/N: Hope you liked! Well I'll update again soon I hope!!!!! Love you my Tacos$)

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