Flowers ||H.S Fan Fiction||

Emily had a perfect life. Great parents, a normal girl at school. But that all changed when Harry came to her high school. Harry ended up falling in love with her but will she love him back? Read Flowers to find out! This is my first fan fiction, so... Sorry if it sucks! ;)


11. Chapter 11: Louis I can't

Louis' POV.

"Home sweet home!!" I exclaimed. "It's nice" she said looking around a my tiny flat. "It's nothing. It's really small. I'm positive it is way smaller then yours." I said laughing awkwardly.

"Well my dad is a doctor and my step-mom is a lawyer" she paused sadly. I frowned "what's wrong?" I asked hugging her from the side "they're never home. Me Mary and Emily are all alike. All of our parents are never home. I have my dad and stepmom that are never home Mary only has a mom her dad died. And her mom is a nurse and she owns a hardware store. And Emily.... Oh poor Emily. She's the worst out of all of us 3. Only has her mom for her. He dad acts like she doesn't exist. She also had a really bad past to. But we're all there for each other no matter what" she finished. Looking me in the eyes.

I looked back. I slowly leaned in. She puta hand on my chest.

I leaned back confused. "I'm sorry Louis I can't" she said crying and running out of my house. Probably for a while.

(A/N: IM SO SORRY!!! I never update and I feel soooooo bad!! ;( ;( ;( ;(. I truly do love you guys for sticking with me! Love you my Tacos$)

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