Falling in love with an outsider (The Outsiders Movella)

My whole life i've grown up as a Soc and i did things that Soc's did. I even made fun of a few Greasers to, but that all changed when i fell for a Greaser.


40. Vacation

Just forget about him! You're at the beach. And you're suppose to be having fun and quality family time! But you can't stop thinking about him. How handsome the bastard was when he seemed like a human being.

Pony and I were at the Dingo on Friday night. We were getting pizza liked he promised a few days before. It was a crappy little place, but it had really good food.

We were being served by a waitress barely wearing anything. She just had the necessary items covering her up. Her voice was scraggly like she smoked one pack per day. She was pretty, I'll admit that, but was she a horrible person. She made me get my food.

I wasn't going to wait over an hour for her to go back, spit in my food, and bring it back for me to eat. The pepperoni pizza for two was sitting on the counter right were she said it would be. I picked it up and balanced it the best I could on my hand and started walking back. But when I got there, no one was sitting there.


I looked through the entire restaurant but he wasn't there. And our slutty waitress was missing too. I seriously didn't want to think about it.

I was going to give up hope when I saw the back door was open. Carefully closing the door I saw two people making out a few feet in front of me. As I got closer I saw what I dreaded. Pony was making out with the waitress. They wouldn't stop for air! It was disgusting!

It would be rude to interrupt so I just walked back through the door and sat at the table. I had some paper and a pen in my bag. So why not write a little note?

Dear Pony,

While you were going inside of the waitress, I stood their watching my world crumble before me. I'm your entire world? Then why make out with another person? Never leave you? I'm glad I'm leaving tomorrow! And I pray to God that I'll never come back! If I never see you again it'll be too soon!

From your ex,


"Belle? Are you okay sweetie? We're going for a sound check for tonight's concert."

My mother pulled me out of my trance. I nodded my head and got out of the beach chair. If I was going to move on, I had to start now.

I hope I'll never see him again.

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