Falling in love with an outsider (The Outsiders Movella)

My whole life i've grown up as a Soc and i did things that Soc's did. I even made fun of a few Greasers to, but that all changed when i fell for a Greaser.


28. Under Pressure

Both my parents and Carrie's were starring at me coldly. I felt the pressure in the room squeezing on me like a ton of bricks. I could barely breathe. My father came over to my bed and pulled up a chair so he could look me in the eye.

That's my weak point: I cannot look someone in the eye when I'm nervous. Or for that fact a lot of times, except when I'm around Ponyboy.

He looked through my soul, "Belle, the Clyde's have a few questions to ask you. They think Carrie is in a little trouble with a couple of greasers."

"What?!" *Surprised Gasp*

"We thought you would know something since you two are best friends and have been hanging around each other for the past few weeks."

I looked over to the Clyde's. Mrs. Clyde seemed very sad and her husband seemed worried and a little angry.

My mother came over, "And Carrie ran away from home. If you know something we need to know so she'll come back."

I felt the stares of all of them on me. It felt like being baked in an oven. An oven of stares, and no matter how weird that sounded, everyone has been in the same situation and felt the same way. I knew where Carrie was, but I also knew how much happier she was with Soda instead of home. I  had to lie to protect her.indow

"I don't know where she is. I had no idea she was in trouble with a greaser. She would normally tell me that kind of stuff, but she never told me about a greaser picking on her."

Mr.  Clyde came over, "Not in trouble, Belle, but in love with a greaser. I saw her kissing a greaser yesterday. It was after I visited you. She was on the bench outside your window kissing a greaser."

"I told you, I have no idea where she!"

Mr. Clyde sighed and Mrs. started to cry. She kept saying she wanted her baby back. She would anything to know where her little girl was.

They left without saying goodbye. My parents apologized for bothering me. They promised to be back as soon as I was cleared to leave. Just as they left, my mother turned around.

"By the way, where did you get that beautiful necklace?"

"I, uh, got it from one of the nurses. She was giving it away and I took it."

"Really? I wonder why she got rid of it. It's from Tiffany's."

"Oh. Well, see you guys later."

Tiffany's? This necklace must have been $50. And the poorest boy saved and spent all his money on it, for me. I have the greatest person in the world as my boyfriend. But how was I going to repay him?

"Miss Belle, it's alright for you to go home."

Finally. I get to go home.

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