Falling in love with an outsider (The Outsiders Movella)

My whole life i've grown up as a Soc and i did things that Soc's did. I even made fun of a few Greasers to, but that all changed when i fell for a Greaser.


37. talking things over

Carrie's P.O.V

"Soda i am really sorry i don't know what to do i applied for this school before i met you and i never expected for me to get in but i did and i want to go....and i want you to come with me"

"what in the world would i do in Pittsburgh!!!"

"you could be with me we could start over have a new life and they have auto shops there "


then he walked out the room and out of the house and then a few minutes later Dally came into the room and he hugged me and he said

"it's gonna be okay"

"how do you know that"

"cause i've known Soda his whole life he'll be fine just give him some time "


then he walked out into the living room and soon Soda walked back in and then he shut the door and he came over to me and he said 

"i love you so much you know that and i don't want you to leave me"

"that's why i want you to come with me"


Belle's P.O.V

i was just sitting in the living room with Pony and the rest of the guys watching mickey mouse cause two=bit wouldn't let us change it and i have to say for the first time in a while i actually felt safe and loved and at home somewhere i belong

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