Falling in love with an outsider (The Outsiders Movella)

My whole life i've grown up as a Soc and i did things that Soc's did. I even made fun of a few Greasers to, but that all changed when i fell for a Greaser.


17. finding the bike

Belle's P.O.V

i cant believe that my bike was taken but i know exactly who did it and then i went inside to where Carrie was and i said 

"Carrie we gotta go"

"where are we going?"

"to get my bike back those stupid Socs that i beat up took it"

"um...Belle where did Ponyboy go wasn't he just with you"

"oh no he went to go get it back"

Carrie's P.O.V

then i drove Belle,Steve, Two-bit  and Sodapop to the Soc's house where Ponyboy was at and then Steve,Sodapop and Two-bit saw Ponyboy surrounded by three greasers and then Sodapop and Steve and Two-bit went over and they each punched a Soc and in the end they got Belle's bike back and then Ponyboy walked Belle home and Steve walked back to the greaser  side and i drove Sodapop back to work and then we both got out of the car and i walked over to him and then i kissed him and said

"i love you Soda"

"i love you to"


Belle's P.O.V

Ponyboy walked me home without any trouble and when we got to my house i saw that my parents weren't home and then i kissed Ponyboy and i said

"thank you for everything today Ponyboy"

"no problem i should get going before Soda and them start to worry"

"okay can i see you again tomorrow"


then Ponyboy  left and i went inside smiling 

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