Falling in love with an outsider (The Outsiders Movella)

My whole life i've grown up as a Soc and i did things that Soc's did. I even made fun of a few Greasers to, but that all changed when i fell for a Greaser.


1. An ordinary day as a Soc

Today was just a normal day as it is everyday I went to school and got through the day as best i could and then after school i went to a gas station that i guess you could say was in the Greaser area of town i never really liked living in the Soc area of town but i had to due to who my parents were,and if they found out i was here they'd flip.

When i got to the gas station i saw Sodapop and his friends along with his brothers and then Sodapop's brother Darry came up to me and said "what's a Soc doing in the Greaser part of town are your little friends gonna be joining you soon" 

"no i'm here alone" "Well i wouldn't say that out loud" "come over here with us"

"okay....wait your not gonna hurt me or anything are you" "no now come on before a greaser who isn't as nice as me comes along and sees you by yourself"

Then we went over to his brothers and their friends and then Two-bit said "Darry you leave for a few minutes and you come back with a Soc and what do you think her friends are gonna do when they see her here with us!!" 

"Chill Two-Bit it's fine she can stay"

"fine but if them Soc's come i'm gonna say i told you so and maybe a whole lot more"

"just chill will ya Two-Bit" 

"whatever Darry"

Then everyone left except Darry and then Darry said 

"Sodapop i gotta get to work make sure she gets home okay"

"will do Darry"

Then Darry left as well

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