So you want an Imagine?

-Doctor Who

-Pierce The Veil
-Of Mice & Men
-Sleeping With Sirens
-My Chemical Romance

-The Hunger Games
-The Fault In Our Stars
-Harry Potter
-Percy Jackson
-The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

And more!

(No One Direction or any sex scenes please.)


2. Supernatural


For: Carriep18

Prompt: i want it to be with my name my name is Carrie and i want one with Supernatural. And I want it to be where i'm apart of the current case that their working on and me and Sam end up falling in love with each other you can choose the ending =)

"Hey Carrie, so I was wondering if we could could... Talk later?" Sam asked, wringing his hands together with a smile.

"Yeah, sure Sam," you said, grinning back. You had been a hunter all your life, you've met a few guys here and there. But Sam was different. He wasn't some guy that gets drunk and hits on you at the bar. They let you in on the case- not because they wanted you there at first, Dean hated it, but since you were already on it they had to let you. It was either together or not at all, and obviously they couldn't let that pass.

"Carrie! Sam! What the hell?!" Dean shouted from inside the creaky worn out house. It was a simple burn 'n go. Nothing to it, really. You liked these. These were the ones you barely got to see now with all the Demons running around like mad.

"Coming!" You shout, jogging towards were Dean was waiting holding out your favorite salt pistol.

"Thanks," you said, taking it from him.

"Uh-huh, sure." Dean said bluntly. He was still a bit upset you were on the case with them. You rolled your eyes at him and he shrugged with an annoyed look on his face.

"Dean, stop it." Sam said, coming up behind you. You smiled at him and then asked, "Body?" They both nodded and you started towards the basement. The basement was a favorite of people hiding murder victims. A cold seeped over you from head to foot and you breathed out. Fog came out out your mouth in a wave and you knew what was coming.

"Guys, watch out!" You yell and duck down. Sam lands on top of you and you feel yourself blush, but you don't have time to think about it as a large axe embeds itself in the wood of the door right behind where your head once was. You hear a bang and you know Dean shot it, but it won't be gone long.

"You okay?" Sam asks you. You nod even though your bones are protesting against the sudden added weight as he lays on you. He quickly gets off and asks, "are you sure?" You nod again.

"Yeah, of course I am, don't be silly!" You said with a giggle.

"Really." Dean mutters and shoves himself between you both, opening the door. "Really?" He repeats as he tromps down the stairs. They creaked and groaned but held him. You both went down and you shivered. He took off his jacket and offered it and you gratefully took it without thinking very much about it. After all, you and Sam were only friends... Right? Sam rushes to help his brother as you stand there in confusion and you brush it off. You help them uncover a carpet and you feel cold again. A cold hand wraps around your wrist and you're yanked back. You hit a bunch of boxes in the corner and slowly sink down. All of the air has left your lungs and you struggle to breathe.

"Carrie!" Sam shouts in worry- even though your obviously fine. You try to tell him that but you're yanked upwards and the world spun as you're upside down on the wall. You try to cough but it sounds strangled.

"Hang on, I'll get you down." Sam said.

"Not going anywhere, take your time." You breathe out sarcastically. He and Dean frantically drag out the body, and you smell the smoke as they set it on fire. The smell of burning bones fills the air and you feel relieved as you were dropped to the ground. You groaned and Dean and Sam were instantly by your side.

"This is why I said this was a bad idea-" Dean started but was shut up with a quick look from Sam.

"But um... Glad to have you on the case? You were really helpful?" Dean tried, but then gave up and with a mutter went up the basement stairs.

"Where's he going?" You ask, sitting up and rubbing the back of your head.

"My guess is the car," Sam said.

"So, what did you want to tell me?" You ask, looking into Sams eyes. You feel a rush as all of a sudden his lips are pressed to yours and you feel like crying but you're so happy and you can't do anything but reach up and tangle your fingers in his hair as he puts his hands on the back of your neck. He slowly pulls away with fire in his eyes, but a good kind of fire. The kind that makes you feel warm.

"Sam..." You whisper quietly. He puts his fingers to your lips.

"I love you, Carrie." He said.

"Well, Sam Winchester..." You said slowly. "I love you too."

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