Miranda || R5/Ross Lynch

"It'll be fun." They say "Just one more." They say.

Living young and reckless is what teens of our generation believe. If you dont live up to society's standards, you will get nowhere in life. Live life as a party, get wasted every night, wake up in the most random places and not knowing how you got there. Oh, Miranda is not the girl you're looking for. Well, at least she wasn't - that was until peer pressure kicked in and took over her life.

But then again, sometimes you just gotta say "What the fuck?" And thats exactly what Miranda did.


1. Miranda

"Vodka?" That word. That one simple word, two syllables, five letters, that one word made my stomach feel like its on its death rollercoaster, looping through large hoops set on fire, plunging down into a pool of blood. My head spins and my hands get clammy - I haven't had one drink and i already feel like I'm drunk, like I'm away with the fairies, floating away like a butterfly - thats what gets me worried. I blink a couple times and shake my head vigorously, slowly raising my shaking hand to my soft lips, covering them as i get the feeling that this evenings dinner wants to say hi. The teenage girl shrugs and walks away with her tray of danger in shot glasses.

I manage to swallow the lump in my throat and then begin to look around, "Delilah?" I ask, searching around for my ride home. She must be here somewhere, but then again, i was stupid to think coming to a club with the party animal of the year was a good idea, because the she-devil could be anywhere doing who knows what - making-out with some random dude, playing a risky game of spin the bottle, challenging some chick to how many shots of some really strong alcohol they can take or she could already be knocked out, laying in some dumpster outside the venue - God only knows but that girl is my ride home and i want to be as far away from here as i possibly can.

"Hey Miran-delight." Slurs the one and only. I slightly jump at the sound of her voice from behind me, causing me to snap my head towards her. I look her up and down - her hair was all over the place, she is wearing one sleeve of her cardigan whilst the other dangles from beneath her left arm, her shoes are off and in her hands and because of the way she is swaying back and forth awkwardly, i can tell she is already wasted. "I totally just screwed around with that dude." She turns slightly and lazily points over to a guy who looks to be just a little older than us, he was dressed casually but still in party attire and by the looks of his blonde, messed up hair, you can tell Delilah had a nice play with it whilst sucking his face. He looks over at us as he notices our stare, he winks at Delilah and waves at me. "His name is R-" she stops and thinks about it, looking up to the roof with a lost expression across her face, "Ricker?" She questions herself, "No! Riker." She corrects, glancing back at me with a satisfied smile.

I nod, pretending to care, "Okay. Cool!" I grab her shoulder and look into her eyes, "Now lets go home." I grasp her hand and turn on my heel, begging to make my way to the exit but Delilah just pulls me back towards her.

"No! Ricker has-" she stops and giggles slightly, then hiccups, "Riker. Riker has three brothers for you." She winks at me, smiling that devilish grin i know all too well. Delilah has always had this personality, young and reckless, careless and out there. Im scared that one day, this bouncing bimbo will get herself in serious trouble and all i ever do is try and lure away from as much danger as possible but with her stubborn attitude and the deadly liquid already fogging her brain - i know this will not be easy. You are probably wondering how these two completely different characters became friends? Well, honestly, it still confuses me to this day. I guess by the sound of her cute name and the look of her nice dresses and her hair done pretty, i got the wrong impression and before i could see her true colours, we were already friends. "Miranda?" She asks, waving her hand in front of my face.

I shake my head, "No. Not a chance." I deny her ridiculous offer, once again trying to pull her away from the drama i see is about to blossom. "You are coming home with me, I'm driving." I explain, only ever getting a step and a stumble over some girls foot before she yanks me back once again.

"Come on, they are so hot!" She challenges, pointing in the direction of Riker again who is now talking to a group of other guys and a girl. Honestly, the majority of them look just as troublesome as Delilah and those kind of people are one in a million. But she was right about one thing, they are a sexy bunch and i could not deny it - their amazingly hot gene must have worked correctly for all of them.

"The girl is Rydel." Del tells me, "Little Riker is Ross." She points to the other blonde of the group and you can tell straight away that this Riker and Ross are siblings. "Rocky is brown long hair and Ryl- Rylard? Ryland. Ryland is short brown hair." Delilah fills me in, still getting confused on the unique names of these people i am yet to meet - nor will i ever.

"Okay Del, cool names. Now home." I repeat for the third time before she raises her hands at the song change, the squeal that escapes her lips and then she runs off to Riker - once again leaving me alone. "Delilah!" I screech, chasing after her. Once at the sexy bunch, i stop and once again call at her name, but she ignores me and instead drags Riker to the dance floor. "Seriously." I mumble, getting fed up with her but no matter how much i want to steal her keys and run for the hills, i promised her parents i would take care of her - then also knowing about Delilah's ways, just maybe not as much as i do. I have seen the whole of Del and there is no unseeing that.

"That your sister?" Asks a gleaming blonde from behind me. I shake my head slightly, not taking my eyes off of my best friend grinding against a guy she only ever met tonight.

"No," i sigh, "My best friend." I answer and turn around to see all eyes on me. "Look, uh, i know how she is - i will not get her home safely easily. Im guessing its the same with your brother," i point over at the two drunken victims, "Can we just group together to get them away from each other before you end up with an unexpected niece or nephew and i dead because i failed her parents in keeping her out of trouble." I rant, thinking of the consequences of letting the Terrain parent's only child get pregnant at 18.

They all exchange knowing looks and nod in agreement, "We're in." Says Rydel, nodding at me along with her other two brothers. I smile thankfully and turn back to my best friend. "Im Rydel, this is Ryland and thats," she points to the only boy that attracted me, he was so perfect. Bleach blonde messy hair and hazel eyes, a cute nose and a sexy body to tie it all together but a girl like me can never get her hands on a guy like him. He is just fun to look at.

"Ross." He finishes his sisters sentence before she could finish it, putting out his hand for me to shake.

I gladly take it in mine and slightly move it up and down,


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