Miranda || R5/Ross Lynch

"It'll be fun." They say "Just one more." They say.

Living young and reckless is what teens of our generation believe. If you dont live up to society's standards, you will get nowhere in life. Live life as a party, get wasted every night, wake up in the most random places and not knowing how you got there. Oh, Miranda is not the girl you're looking for. Well, at least she wasn't - that was until peer pressure kicked in and took over her life.

But then again, sometimes you just gotta say "What the fuck?" And thats exactly what Miranda did.


2. Chapter Two | Miranda, it's a Fairy

I feel a bead of sweat slide down my face as i watch Delilah intently, she was being lead away by Riker - pulled from the crowd of dancing, drunken souls. "Wait," Ryland gasps slightly, "where is Rocky?" He asks, looking around for yet another sibling of theirs. I wonder if there are any more, from what i have gathered, there is the girl and the four boys but who knows if there are any others hiding away somewhere.

"Um, more importantly, your other hormonal bastard of a brother just pulled my best friend into that closet!" I gasp and begin to sprint towards that door but someone pulls me back, just like Delilah had done just minutes ago. "Let go!" I yell, turning to see Rydel had pulled me back. For a girl of her body shape and age, she has a strong grip.

"More importantly? That is my little brother who we have no idea where he is." She glares back at me, letting go of my wrist aggressively. I am shocked by this, by her attitude towards me, so i just stare back.

"Unless you're ready to be an aunt, ill go stop the two idiots in that bedroom and you go find your brother - if that makes you feel any better about it." I smile sarcastically and turn back around, walking more calmly to the bedroom, dreading to know whats happening behind that door at this very moment but I'm going to find out one way or another, even if it scars me for life.

"I'll go with Miranda. J-just in case she needs backup." I hear the sweet voice of Ross announce, i keep walking but smile to myself. In seconds, he is at my side and we walk in silent to the room - except for the loud music that is blasting, rumbling the floor, sending my body to shake slightly. As we reach the door, we both pause absentmindedly - he gestures to the door, "Ladies first." He smirks, leaving the doorway clear for me to walk. I roll my eyes and put my ear against the door, listening closely for any sounds to tell me whats happening. I dont hear a thing over the music so i give up trying, i take in a deep breath and open the door quickly, revealing the two making-out. I believe they heard the door open but they are still yet to part.

"Del," i sigh loudly, "We are going home right now." I pull them apart, getting fed up. I grasp Delilah's hand and just pull her away. "Ill see you around." I turn to Ross as he watches us walk off. He replies with a nod and cute smile, then he takes care of his brother.

"Miranda!" Del whines, "At least let me get his number!" She protests, once again pulling me but i dont take any of it, just continuing to walk towards the exit.

"No." I state firmly.

"Come o - ooh, look Miranda, its a fairy."


"Back already?" Mom asks knowingly. By now, she would of figured out that if i was at a club, i would be home before 11:00pm. She is always encouraging me to put myself out there, make new friends, be a social butterfly if you must - of course she doesn't want me going too far with my actions, but at least have fun but every experience i have had at a club or party, I'm always either chasing Delilah to safety or keeping alert of my surroundings, making sure i go nowhere near an alcoholic drink, a drunken soul or an open closet. "Come on, Miranda, you need have fun when your out." Mom exclaims, placing her mug down on the bench and walking over to me, "You're only ever hurting yourself." She says calmly, rubbing my arms.

I sigh, "I know mom. But you know that we both know that i know how Delilah is and she comes before everything." I say, thinking over what i had said and knowing i had confused the both of us. I shake the thought, "the only reason i agree to go to those sorts of parties is for Del's sake, not mine. I would rather be home, reading a book or something." I shrug and then make my way upstairs, not bothering to hear what she has to say back - i have heard it all before. I have a quick shower and then go to bed, falling in a deep sleep.

I wake at an unusual time, 7:47am, on a saturday morning. Usually, i would wake at around 10:30am-ish on a weekend. I shake the thought and get up and ready for the day, last night, when i brought Del home, i promised her parents i would take her out so they wouldn't have to deal with their 'Stupid, childish, hungover daughter.' I laughed at their choice of words but agreed. So, today, I'm stuck babysitting my best friend. I quickly change into a pair of leggings and an old jumper, brush my teeth and put my hair in a ponytail before adding some mascara, concealer and lipgloss. Satisfied, i make my way downstairs, grab an Up & Go and then walk out the door after reading my moms daily note, telling me she has gone to work. I put my headphones in my phone and play my music on shuffle as i begin walking to Delilah's house, which is a good ten minutes. Once im there, as im walking up the steps to her house, the door swings open and Mrs Terrain is revealed, smiling ear to ear as Del stood next to her.

"Dont be a bother for Miranda, Darl," her mom directs her comment to her daughter who is speed texting on her phone, not even acknowledging her best friend until her mother mentions my name.

"Miranda!" She yells in excitment, then grasps her head, "shit!" She groans. Her mom gives Del a smack across the arm and a glare, "I mean," she slaps her thigh, "Gosh darn it." She holds back a laugh and sprints over to me, embracing me in a hug. "That was awkward." She whispers in my ear and pulls back, smiling at me. "Okay, bye Madre." She waves at her mother and then we were off.

"So, uh, where you wanna go?" I ask Del, looking down at my shoes as we walk.

She just taps away at her phone, looking more interested in it then ever. "A-ha!" She hollers, raising her phone in victory. "Riker Lynch, found him." She mumbles, bringing the iPhone back to her face and scrolling through instagram. "Last night, i faintly remember him tell me he was in a band with his family, before we got completely wasted. It had something to do with 5," she looks up at me for the first time in a while, "Then i thought, all his siblings names started with R," she shows me her phone, "put it together, and you have R5 - RikerR5." She smiles in staifaction, bringing the device back to her and scrolling through his feed.

"Ya know," i pause and sigh, "Most would call this a form of stalking." I giggle. "And why are you looking for him so bad, i thought it was a one time thing." I gasp playfully, "Does the Delilah Terrain actually have feelings..for a GUY?" I act suprised, clutching my heart.

Del rolls her eyes and shoves me, "Who are you talking about? This Delilah? No." She makes a face. "Nah, but, he is freaking hot!" She gushes, showing me a photo of him. His body was bare and he only had a sign covering the bottom half of his body, covering his manhood with the cardboard sign. Get naked, we paid for this. Was written in bold.

"Mhm," i nod sarcastically, "very sexy."

Delilah once again pushes my shoulder. "You took a liking to his brother, now didn't you?" She wiggles her eyebrows.

I laugh to myself and just walk away from her, not bothering to answer her question.


"Okay, Brad Simpson." I holler, writing his name down on a piece of paper before bringing my hot chocolate to my lips, taking a sip.

"Uh," Del stutters. We were at Donut King, sitting at a nice little booth in the corner of the shop. One thing that came to Delilah's head when we had nothing to talk about, name all the hot guy celebrities in the world - she likes to call the Hot Guy Wall. "Sean O'Donell." She gushes, winking at me.

"Sean O'who?" I ask, giggling at Delilah as her jaw drops.

She shakes her head in disappointment, "He is no Riker, but he is so hot." She answers, referring back to Riker again. Now i kind of feel bad for not stopping to let Del get his number, it sounds like she really likes this guy.

"Yeah," i whisper, looking down.

"Whats wrong?" My best friend asks, moving out from her side of the table to mine.

I shrug, "I guess i feel like its my fault that you will never see that guy again." I explain, "You sound real fascinated in him." I give her a half smile.

She sighs, "Well, i guess it would of been nice to get to know him more, but if its meant to be, we'll find eachother." She smiles, "If he remembers me." We laugh.

"Thats real cute, Del," i wrap my arm around her shoulder. "Tell me where you're hiding my best friend." I threat playfully.

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