Judging (off limits)

Hi my name is Liana im 14 and my life isn't as great as I wanted it to be my mom and dad is not the parents I want them to be. they don't love they fight. I feel helpless but im not that kind of girl who does suicide im a clean girl. I love Magcon my favorite is Hayes he's so cute but he would probably never be into me you know im just a fan in his eyes. Her past haunts her once she ran away from her past and planning on starting a new life. she finds out Magcon is going to be in her town and is wanting tickets. once she does she meets Hayes will he change her life forever or will she be another fan


7. Taylor caniff surprise date

Taylor C POV

I was so excited because I'm setting up a surprise date with Taylor I'm so excited once I got it set up I went to the Hotel and went to her room I knocked and she opened up. Hey Tay (when ever I say tag Taylor Caniff is talking to the other Taylor) hey Taylor she said. Put on something casual I gotta surprise for you so be ready in and hour. Ok. I'm so glad that went well


I was getting dressed in a floral dress that was white and black it was cute I dicided on my converses and brushed teeth in the bathroom I just got done taking a shower. I brushed my hair and put it in a fishtail. Put on some light make up and grabbed my phone and my purse an waited on Taylor.

I heard a knock at the door and I got up and saw Taylor he had big eyes and looked at me from head to toe and said you look beautiful OH MY GOD. I giggled and so did he. You ready princess. Yes I am. Ok let's go. We finally arrived I has a blindfold on and he led me out of the car and onto the ground he led me until he said stop I did and I was so shocked at what I saw

OMG Taylor you did this for me. Of course I did your my princess and I'm gonna treat you like a princess. I giggled a little and felt my cheeks go Rosie red.

After starring at the yard for a long time we went and sat down on the blanket and got some food it was a sandwhich it was good to not a normal one. After that

You wanna go swing Princess. Of course. YAY he yelled like a little kid. I laughed and headed off to the swings. Who ever looses is a is a rotten egg. OH YOUR IN CANIFF I yelled we raced to the swing.

YES I WON HAHA YOU JUST GOT BEAT BY A GIRL. We'll you haven't at on the swing yet. He quickly jumped in the swing and his butt missed the swim and he was hanging by his legs while his other half of his body was on the ground. I stood their laughing. I WON THOUGH. darnet I said. Haha. I just rolled my eyes in a kicking way.

He laughed at my motion an just picked himself up I got on the swing and started to swing. You want me to push you. Shure so he got behind me and started to push me. HIGHER HIGHER TAY TAY. ok anything for you princess. He pushes me higher until I said stop and he slowed it down Thanks Tay Tay. No problem. You wanna head back. Shure. So we both headed back to the hotel and it was almost time to start the meet and greet for magcon. So me an Taylor went to go get dressed.

I put on my Taylor muscle shirt on and some bleached shorts and my white converses. Fixed my makeup and headed downstairs. I kept my fishtail braid in but I fixed some strands and put some water on it so it states together. I saw Taylor talking to Shawn and I wanted to scare him. I walked slowly to him and put my finger up to my mouth to signal for Shawn to stay quite he nodded and I jumped on his back screaming ONG TAYLOR I LOVE YOU SO MUCH IM A HUGE FAN. HEY PRINCESS he said while laughing so hard. The boys were laughing hard that Nash and Cameron both feel on the couch. But Shawn he was laughing so hard that he put water in his mouth and it came out of his nose. It was hilarious.

It was time for the meet and greet I saw Hayes and his Girlfriend we'll I don't know if their dating but they seem to be because they are alway with each other but I hope they are.

Leslie's POV

I was sitting down with Hayes at the meet and greet table and he has not said a word about us dating yet he said he wanted to give it a little time so I agreed with him. The meet and greet started and some girls have me some wierd looks or rolled their eyes at me but some were so nice I even met a friend her name is Danielle but she said I could call her Dani. And we both swapped numbers. It was hard to ignore the mean girls but I let it slid off my shoulder. Hayes asked if I was ok I said yes because I don't want him to stop just for me.

It seems like their judging me.

Authors Note

Hey guys I still need girlfriends for



Jack g

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Thank you I LOVE YOU GUYS :P

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