Judging (off limits)

Hi my name is Liana im 14 and my life isn't as great as I wanted it to be my mom and dad is not the parents I want them to be. they don't love they fight. I feel helpless but im not that kind of girl who does suicide im a clean girl. I love Magcon my favorite is Hayes he's so cute but he would probably never be into me you know im just a fan in his eyes. Her past haunts her once she ran away from her past and planning on starting a new life. she finds out Magcon is going to be in her town and is wanting tickets. once she does she meets Hayes will he change her life forever or will she be another fan


9. secret is revealed

Lianna POV

I'm so excited because we are going to

See O2L. I'm very excited.

I told Hayes that I have been a fan for so long.


We are heading to the O2L house

In a few hours so I am gonna get up put my hair in a messy bun and put some comfy clothes on and run downstairs to see Hayes.

How did you get in my house.

you gave me and extra key remember.

oh silly  me.

we all laughed.

so what do you want to do today.

I don't know maybe chill here watch some tv and you know just hang out I guess.

oh ok we can do that.


me and Hayes sat down an watched tv he put his and around my shoulders and I looked at him he looks at me. watch out MR.

haha I will

all of a sudden Tay TAY walked.

Lianna I need your help.

what is it.

I don't know what to were for me and taylors surprise date.

ok what kind of style. he said casual.

ok om how about that red dress with black pumps.

omg thank you your a lifesaver.

haha no problem.

sh eleft and went o her house and I went back to te couch and continued to watch tv with hayes.


Taytays POV

I grabbed the red dress and black pumps and got ready for me and taylors surprise date.

a hour later I heard a knock and it was him.

you look gorgeous as ever.

thank you so much your not bad yourself.

hehe. come one princess as he led me to the front to open the door for me.

well thank you SIR.

you welcome madom.

we both laughed.

once we edged closer taylor put a blindfold on me. once we got their he opened the door for me and led me to the destination.

surprise as he said taking the blindfold off.

I was so amazed. OMG taylor.

we were at the park with a blanket and lights candles and all kinds of things. I hugged taylor and he gave me a kiss on the lips I LOVE YOU babe. I love you to babe.




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