Judging (off limits)

Hi my name is Liana im 14 and my life isn't as great as I wanted it to be my mom and dad is not the parents I want them to be. they don't love they fight. I feel helpless but im not that kind of girl who does suicide im a clean girl. I love Magcon my favorite is Hayes he's so cute but he would probably never be into me you know im just a fan in his eyes. Her past haunts her once she ran away from her past and planning on starting a new life. she finds out Magcon is going to be in her town and is wanting tickets. once she does she meets Hayes will he change her life forever or will she be another fan


13. Home now


I haven't seen the boys in like a year now I havnt seen Hayes either but we have been texting skyping and everything to stay in touch. Lianna Shawn says. yeah Shawn. we have to go I have a huge surprise for you. ok. I walk into my closet and I grab my Cute blue stitch crewneck sweater you know from lilo and stitch. yeah he is my favorite he is so cute. I put on my black jegging and my blue uggs to match and my hair in a bun my hair has grew longer to my waist but I changed it and just let it flow down my back with a fishtail.

I brushd my hair and teeth. I grabbed my iPhone 6 and ran downstairs. you ready shawn asked. yup. we go into the car and we drive off to my surprise. we turned up the radio and started to sing and act like idiots I laughed so hard at shawn.

when You and I came on from One Direction and sung it straight to me. I smiled we are just best friends. we go in the airport why are we here. you will see. I roll my eyes and say whatever. look. I looked and I was flooding with tears on who I saw.


I haven't seen Lianna in a long time I used to call her leslie as a cute little nickname I now it don't match but I like it. we have facetimed and everything but Im planning something but I cant tell anyone. hey Nash. yeah bud. I need to tell you a secret.


you wanna go to starbucks Nash asked. yup I do. we head over and I get cotton candy frapp my favorite and Nash gets a caramel. we grab it to go and I see that a girl that was 16 wrote her number on Nash cup. I saw that he was blushing really hard. uhoh. SHUT THE FUCK UPP Hayes. he laughed.


I grabbed my phone quickly and sat at the tables outside and called the number. Hello she answered. hey I saw your number. oh yeah. you wanna hang out some time. sure I would love to she said I was so excited. so whats your name. Elounor. that's beautiful. thanks. meet me at Bentlys restraunt. ok I will. ok bye El. Bye Nash.

I was so excited so you have a date. yup. huh Nash

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