Judging (off limits)

Hi my name is Liana im 14 and my life isn't as great as I wanted it to be my mom and dad is not the parents I want them to be. they don't love they fight. I feel helpless but im not that kind of girl who does suicide im a clean girl. I love Magcon my favorite is Hayes he's so cute but he would probably never be into me you know im just a fan in his eyes. Her past haunts her once she ran away from her past and planning on starting a new life. she finds out Magcon is going to be in her town and is wanting tickets. once she does she meets Hayes will he change her life forever or will she be another fan


2. Hayes

Hayes P.O.V

Its in three days im so excited Magcon is in two days. Me, Nash, Aaron, Taylor are going to hang today. the boys decided on watching a scary movie so we are it wasn't that scary to me.


Hayes- dude it was a person in a costume and don't tear up the couch.

Taylor stuck his tongue out at Hayes while he did that same.

We finally got done with the movie and we just went out for ice cream.

Aaron- OMG ICE CREAM. we all laughed

Hayes- your such a kid

Aaron- I know.

we got ice cream and went back home and just hung out we swam after licking the ice cream and it was a really fun day today I love hanging with these guys even Nash and Alx.



it was a new day two more day until Magcon we have to go all the way to Louisiana im excited. I might find someone special for some reason I have that feeling that im going to find someone but you never know it might be a wrong feeling I hope not any way. Me and Nash are really doing nothing but packing we need to leave today so we can be their tomorrow. we got our clothes packed we said our goodbyes to our family and went off to the airport with the guys.

we went on the plane right when we heard our boarding number and we were off to Louisiana. I slept through the whole way I was very tired I woke up early to pack and had to just move move move.I cant wait to be in Louisiana tomorrow.



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