Judging (off limits)

Hi my name is Liana im 14 and my life isn't as great as I wanted it to be my mom and dad is not the parents I want them to be. they don't love they fight. I feel helpless but im not that kind of girl who does suicide im a clean girl. I love Magcon my favorite is Hayes he's so cute but he would probably never be into me you know im just a fan in his eyes. Her past haunts her once she ran away from her past and planning on starting a new life. she finds out Magcon is going to be in her town and is wanting tickets. once she does she meets Hayes will he change her life forever or will she be another fan


11. chapter 11

I woke up to Hayes shaking me awake. Liana it's time to wake up we.... Gotta........go.........home he stuttered.

What why

Because Magcon is over and we can't see each other until probably three monthes.


No I can't do this not now I need you.

I know and I need you you don't know how bad but we have to go deprecate ways until the next magcon which is in a year.

I widen my eyes I start to year up I dont want our relationship to end.

It won't.

Yes it will tho I just how they end they split up and forgt about each other a d go off to different people.

Leslie don't you think tat I will ever forget about you.

You won't.

Of course not your way to beautiful to forget.

I smiled and blushed thanks.

He nodded no let's get our clothes packed.

Ok we get our clothes packed after having a convo and I have a lot of clothes that I forgot I even packed so I put some one for the plane ride.

-------------2 hours later--------------

You ready hayes asked.

Yup I go out the bathroom offer getting ready and look at Hayes with sad eyes.

Come here I walk over to hayes and hug him tight I feel comforted an protected in his arms. I love you hayes I say and kiss him.

I love you to.

He backs up and says oh what's your name beautiful he says while bowing.

Leslie I say while curtsing.

What a beautiful name for and amazing girl.

Why thank you

May I age this dance we danced around the room laughing and doing the waltz. Fastly.

We heard a knock and I ran to open the door and it was Taylor.

Hey guys it's time to go.

Ok b their in a second.

I go over to my bag and roll it out and hayes doing the same hot on my trails.

We head out to the airport in a cab and I don't ruin the moment with hayes I lay my head on his shoulder and he Leand his head on my head and Taylor and Tay Tay are cuddling now they are now living together in their own apartment they are so cute.

But Nash and savannah are having to go their separate ways it is sad because I have to go on without Hayes but I have shawn.

We get to the airport and we all have to get on separate planes. When we get in we immediately Here our number.

Well I quess this is it hayes I guess so I hug him tightly and try not bust into tears.

Look we will get through it ok he says cupping my face and he kisses me it was passiontate and short.

I hug all the boys. But I hug Nash Taylor and Matt the longest because they are so much like a brother to me. I grab my bag and follow shawn I tart to whelp in Tears and Shawn sees he hugs my tightly and I hug back I lean into him while birding our plane I look back to hayes and he is on the ground with his knees in his face sobbing.

I start sobbing to and we finally get on the plane and I sit next to Shawn sleeping

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