This is going to be about music, and my opinion on it. Think of me as one of those arrogant reviewers that everyone hates. Please remember that everything I write is opinion and nothing more; do not take my word for anything.

A note of caution: this is not for anyone who despises long, rambling pieces of writing. I can talk for hours about music. And when I write about it I'm even worse.


2. Tommy Ramone, and the Death of Punk.

It has occurred to me that this little thing that I'm writing may not appeal to most readers here. Whether that's because it's pretentious, rambling, or just plain shit, I don't know. Or maybe it's just because my music taste is different from most kids. Maybe if I wrote a feature on One Direction... But that'd be selling out. No matter.

As you may know (although it doesn't appear to have been widely publicised), Tommy Ramone has died. The last of the original Ramones is gone. And it was his idea to start the band in the first place. That makes him one of the true innovators punk. And he's dead.

Ah Hell.

Actually, the Ramones never thought of themselves as a punk band; they claimed they were just a straight rock 'n' roll band. Nevertheless, they started something in 1974, and it doesn't appear to have finished with us yet.

But it's slowing down.

I hate to say it, but I'm scared. What if punk died with the last of the Ramones? I mean, it's a possibility. There don't seem to be that many decent bands anymore and, to be perfectly honest, pop music seems to be in the same place as it was in the mid-seventies: deep shit. We've got novelty hits like Gangam Style dominating the charts, and safe manufactured boy bands like One Direction penetrating the hearts of teenage girls. Pop is stagnant. There are a few interesting new bands sure, like Palma Violets and Alvvays, but no proper music scenes. There's nothing worth sticking a safety pin through your nose for.

We need the Ramones back.

Or someone like them anyway.

Joey, Dee Dee, Johnny, Tommy-  if you're out there, please send help. We need it

Gabba Gabba Hey. 


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