This is going to be about music, and my opinion on it. Think of me as one of those arrogant reviewers that everyone hates. Please remember that everything I write is opinion and nothing more; do not take my word for anything.

A note of caution: this is not for anyone who despises long, rambling pieces of writing. I can talk for hours about music. And when I write about it I'm even worse.


7. Musical Snobbery.

Musical snobbery is something I see quite frequently these days and from it I am not immune. I loath to admit it, but it must be said: I can be very snobbish when it comes to music. I refuse to listen to anything by Coldplay simply because I once heard from a higher authority that Coldplay is boring; I have a habit of judging successful bands not on merit of their music but on their reputation. This, I realise, is a problem.

You may be one of the lucky ones. You may listen to a song and fall in love just because you like it. It may not matter who wrote the song or what genre the song is; if you like it, you will listen to it. It may not matter to you whether that song is rap or punk or pop or folk or baroque, and I envy you for that.

Unfortunately, people like that are few and far between.

I could write pages about this problem but I won't; it would be ridiculously cumbersome and would bore you to tears. Instead, I will make a resolution:

From now on I promise to enjoy music for what it is, not from my own preconceptions or prejudices. 

If you feel like it, why not join me?

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