1. Wanting 1

I stood on top of the swing, begin care free. I swung high, laughing with my friends. I let one hand off the swing and lost balance. I fell backwards, hoping something would break my fall.

I closed my eyes in fear that something would hurt me. I didn't want to see it.

"Hey Cutie, be careful" a deep voice said. I opened my eyes and saw Adam Nicklos. He stood their with grace smirking at me.

I laughed nervously, smiling at him. He slowly put my down. I could see his eyes look up and down at me. "Thanks.."

"It's no problem. Can I know the name of the beautiful girl I saved?"

I literally melted when he said I was beautiful. I didn't even know how to respond to him. "Uhm..I'm Mel..Mel.."

"Melanie!!" My friends yelled. I turned around and they gave me a 'don't be stupid talk to him' look. I turned back around and I blush slightly.

"Yeah, I'm Melanie" I look down a bit and smiled.

He chuckled and used his index finger and lifted my chin. He looked into my eyes. His ocean blue eyes sparkled in the sun light. I got butterflies in my stomach. "Aren't you in my Chemistry class?"

I slowly nodded. "Yep" he doesn't even know who I am! Sigh, I should just give up. I frowned a bit.

He looked at me. He knew something was wrong. That was pretty weird because not everyone can tell how I feel, he broke through my shell really fast. "What's wrong sweetie?"

"Nothing." I sighed and moved my head away. "Thanks again for saving me." I walked back to my friends.

"Melanie..wait!" He yelled walking after me. I stood facing my back towards him and my friends looked up to him.

He grabbed me arm and spun me around. "What...you can go back to your girlfriend. Why do you have such an interest in me?" I asked kind of irritated.

"You're different" he let go of my arm and shoved his hands in his pockets walking back to his friends.

Those two words, shocked me. I wanted to go get him back, but I was to nervous.

"What the fuck Mel! He likes you!!" Angelica yelled at me.

I didn't pay her any attention, I just watched him walk away. I could see his friend taunt him. I sighed and walked away. I headed the direction to my house.

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