In love with my brother


1. introduction

I woke up by the tiny streaks of light that came into my room from the window. My head was banging, and it hurt real bad. I tried to sleep again but I couldn't. The clock on the nightstand was ticking big time. I turned around in bed to check what the time was. 3:45am. "Fuck", I was supposed to meet at Jenny's at 3:30am. I put my weird dark brown hair in a messy ponytail and rushed to the bathroom. The makeup bag from Victoria's Secret with all my make up in was already in my bag, so I had no time to do my makeup. My phone buzzed in my pocket. Eight missed calls from Jenny. She was the one that called. I picked up. "I'm sorry! I didn't wake up before like right now," I said. She just told me to hurry and got off the line.

We had planned since we were ten that when whoever out of us that got a car, we were going on a road trip to London. Jenny had birthday the day before and had just gotten a new car.

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