Meeting Academy Boys

Riley Rover was jumped on her way home. Then she wakes up with 4 boys watching her. They're mysterious, charming, unpredictable and dangerous but... hot as hell. They'd tryed to recruit her,for what though? Why? They think they have her sussed but, do they know she graduated from a school for assassins, or that she could kill them with her bare hands?


2. 2- Logan or Luke?

~~(Pictures Luke, or Logan)

 "Shit! Riley where did you get this? I didn't know you had a job."Arrianne squealed as she held up the £500 I 'borrowed' from that nice man I met at the mall. "You stole this didn't you ?!"Arrianne said, seeing the guilty look on my face. I can't keep anything from her. "Will you shut up if we go and spend it???!!!" I snap. "Obviously... for now." She said looking excited.

 We when got to the mall. I felt eyes on me, I was being followed. Again. I looked around, Arrianne left and went to a shoe shop. "Shit sorry,ooh" I said to the guy I bumped into. He is hot, really hot. I look up to see a mess of blonde hair and amazing blue eyes, he looked 17 and had on blue jeans low on his hips showing his black underwear and he has no shirt on wow he is FIT. And has a 6 pack . He has tanned flawless skin . "I'm Logan, sorry bout that." He said looking amused. He smirked, he had his lip pierced and a tattoo of a broken heart on his wrist? I saw 2 of him. He has a twin. His twin doesn't have a tattoo or piercing and is wearing a white shirt and grey jeans. "That's Luke my bro." Logan says before his brother can. "And you are?"Luke asked. "Riley" I reply.

 "Aren't you going to introduce us Ry?" Arrianne smiled, its a flirty smile. "Arrianne, this is Logan and Luke.Logan, Luke this is Arrianne."I say quickly. "So which one of you is dating my lucky friend Ry?" Arrianne smirked. "Well that would be me..." Logan started cheekily, but I didn't let him finish. "None of them we only just met!" I shoved her. Not that I would mind dating one of them.... "So your single?" She wouldn't shut up, I swear sometimes she's as annoying as those Jehovah witnesses.

 "Gotta go, come on Logan." Luke said his voice is deep like Logan's, it was hot. I mean Arrianne was drooling. I turned my attention back to them but they were gone, already.

  "I call dibs on Logan!" Arrianne smirks. "I don't care have them both!" I snap. She walks off in the other direction, seriously, what did i do that pissed her off?

 I have no where else to go, but home. "Ow shit." Someone threw something at me, a rock? There's a boy, near the bus stop across the street but he isn't close enough to through something at me. "Hey Ar you home?" No answer, she normally leaves a note or texts me. Its probably nothing I must have beat her home.

 Urrrr someone hits me around the head with... a vase! Then everything goes black.

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