Meeting Academy Boys

Riley Rover was jumped on her way home. Then she wakes up with 4 boys watching her. They're mysterious, charming, unpredictable and dangerous but... hot as hell. They'd tryed to recruit her,for what though? Why? They think they have her sussed but, do they know she graduated from a school for assassins, or that she could kill them with her bare hands?


1. 1- Introduction

~~(Pictures Riley Rover)



I was being followed. By who? Well that's what I want to know. I was in the car park running. He saw me, he's probably called the police. That's what id do if I saw a harmless teen knock out a fully grown man and steel his money and keys. Don't judge me I have to pay for food and I wont keep the car, just check it for more money and valuables.

 He's gone. Running is my specialty, my talent. Well one of them. I'm fast, and surprisingly strong compared to the average girl my age. And practically invisible no one see's me, until now. He saw me, the guy selling coffee. 10 minutes ago I knocked the man out and took he's wallet and keys I was about to leave when I heard "Stop. You the hot one with the brown hair. Don't move!" I ran of course but he followed me.Then I lost him.

 I walked in the apartment to find Arrianne passed out on the couch with her red hair covering her face. The apartments hers but she lets me stay as long as I buy my own food. Were best friends. We have been she we were 7 years old. I'm 17 so's she,but she's 3 months older and won't let me forget it.Were opposites. She has short dark red hair and light green eyes and soft features and a face full of make up.She's skinny and does modelling.
 I'm tall with brown hair grey eyes, perfect features with high cheek bones. I'm slim but not to skinny and toned. I'm the definition of perfect of course I would never say that but if I don't I seem like an attention seeker. So when someone tells me (they do A LOT) I just shrug. I've been offered modelling contracts and jobs but I'm not that type of girl. As for make up I use a little eye liner or sometimes mascara and blush when I distract my victims while I steal their money.

 I'm stronger than Ar and I do kick boxing, jujitsu, karate, and several other 'activities'. But Ar's faster than me, she does cross-country, and gymnastics, and karate and yoga. Ye yoga lame right? We know how to use guns, knifes, machetes and we know how to kill someone with our bare hands. Last time we trained I had 7 bruises and i broke my hand it hurt like hell, and Ar had a broken leg, and a black eye.  That's mild compared to normal. My school thought it was essential we knew the main moves. The head teacher taught us how to jump of a 3 story roof, without breaking any bones. We were taught how to hack into the best security systems and how to fix guns and high tech computers. Our science teachers taught us how to make explosives and were had to learn 4 languages (minimum). I know Spanish, Italian, French and Romanian. Ar knows how to speak, German, French, Portuguese, Hungarian and Russian. She speaks Russian as fluent as English, and loves insulting me in it knowing I have absolutely no fucking idea what shes saying (We live in England of course).

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