Is this love

Lilly always falls for the wrong guys but what will happened when she meets Harry. Will she fall in love? We he fall in love? But what you happened between Lilly and ash read and find out


1. chapter 1

Lilly's pov

Omg today is the day I get to see my two favourite bands live I love 5 SOS and one direction I have to say Harry is the hottest but it would never happened I am just a nobody with a dick head boyfriend

Right now I am standing in line waiting to go in but I have to stay hidden or ash might find me. God help me if he knows I am here and he knows that I like Harry so he will do anything to make sure I will not meet him.

"Lilly what the fuck do you think you are doing your coming with me you little slut. What is it with you and going off to try and fuck other people when you have me you bitch" oh shit here comes ash I know it is him by that voice. All what I remember is being dragged by my hair to the car the rest I would rather not remember and can't really remember as I must of hit my head and passed out.

Harry's pov

It's good to be back in London after 5 months on tour. Right now I am late I was meant to be at the stadium 20 minutes ago luckily I am only 5 minutes down the road. As I entered the gates I saw this beautiful girl and a boy I don't know what he looked like but all what I could hear and focus on was what the boy was doing to the girl. Who in their right mind would drag a girl by their hair I had to go other there and do something about it. "What do you think you are doing mate, who the hell do you think you are dragging a girl by their hair how fucked up are you" I said as I started to walk towards him. "Who the fuck are you telling me what a can and can't do to my girlfriend so if you don't mind pretty boy fuck off" he said to me I still had no idea what his name is or who the girl is but she was pretty and stunning and I had to safe her and find out who she is. What I did not I had no control over it just came over me this rush of anger and just punch him and would not stop until he was on the floor and had let go of the girl. "You ok love" I asked her she just nodded "come with me and I will get you cleaned up Hun" I said while picking her up and helping her to the backstage door of the stadium. I think she must of passed out as by the time I got her back stage she was not answering me. "Hey Harry come on mate you got to go" I heard Niall shout at me as he was waking towards me. "Yeah ok mate one minute" "haz who is this girl and what is she doing here" "I saved her from a boy who was beating her then she passed out in my arms but never mind that come on we have to get on stage Niall" and with that we walked to the stage.

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