A special group of people are taught and trained to their limits to prepare for the worst to happen. They are known as the Flames. Each individual colour flame has their own qualities and powers. Put together they can generate the greatest power of all to defeat what is planning to ruin the world for all.


1. Chapter One

I wish I was a dog; a free dog. At least then I could do my business wherever I wanted. Instead I was stuck holding my pee, waiting for the next service station, which, for a fact, I knew we weren’t stopping at. I was trapped in this car for what felt like forever. All I wanted to do was get out and stretch my legs, but as I predicted, that wasn’t going to happen anytime soon. I forced a sigh for the millionth time and eyed the backs of my parents’ heads. They completely refused to tell me where we were going. So, as you may have guessed I was in a totally unknowing, pee-holding and agitated situation.

I rolled down the car window and leaned out. The vast sun beamed high in the unclouded blue sky. The only breeze we had was generated by the cars speeding down the motor way. Truth be told, the slight breeze brushing across my face wasn’t helping. It just encouraged the urge to pee even more. But there was no way I was putting my head back in the car where it could burn some more from the scorching heat. On top of that my dad won’t even put the air conditioning on. Maybe I could cool myself the way a dog does. All I had to do was stick out my tongue, right? So I did just that. It wasn’t long before my tongue started flapping in the breeze. This felt so good, but so foolish at the same time. I could both hear and see people laughing and giggling at me from their car windows. I groaned putting my tongue back in.

At this moment, I could have been at the beach with my friends. I would be wearing my polka dotted bikini, ogling hot guys and downing as many ice-creams as I possibly could. The salty air would settle around me as tiny grains of sand would hide in between my toes. I yearned to feel the hot rays of the sun on my body; I could get a nice tan while I’m at it. That’s what summer was supposed to be like, right?

“Indie! Get back in the car, now!” the sweet sound of my mother’s voice punctured my daydream brutally. I rolled my eyes at her command, but nonetheless I obeyed. Once rolling the window back up I came face to face with my mother. Her eyebrows were furrowed together and her cheeks were flushed. It was a death glare alright. You could tell by the way her eyes widened slightly. I kept my face straight, but as soon as she turned I shot daggers at the back of her head. What was this woman’s problem?

I let out a loud sigh and slumped in my seat. I could feel the sweat from my back make my top stick to me like a second skin. My hair was tangled as I combed my fingers through it, flattening the plum coloured waves. I was a freak, I tell you. I was born with purple coloured hair; bright wavy strands covered my head since my first few seconds in this world. Till this day I still don’t get it. My mum was a natural blonde and my dad had a mop of dark brown hair. Neither of their relatives had the same colour hair as me. In fact, there wasn’t a single person I knew that was naturally a purple head, if that’s what you would call people with purple hair.

Can you imagine growing up with purple hair? It was a nightmare. I’d been forced to say that I’d dyed it, just to avoid the constant arguments and strange glances. My parents had always been accused of dying my hair at such a young age. I mean, what were they supposed to say? Others would ask ‘why is your daughters’ hair purple?’ my parents just couldn’t respond ‘she was born like that’. They’d think of me as a freak, as I already stated that I was. Fair to say it wasn’t one of my better assets.

I looked out the window again; we were still on the motorway. I just wanted to know where we were going. Was that too much to ask? I decided to try my luck. “Mum, dad, where are we going? We’ve been driving for forever and I’m this much closer to wetting myself.” I gestured with my finger and thumb, but neither of them saw.

My mother turned to give me a sharp look. My father remained impassive, staring straight at the road ahead of him, occasionally looking at his wrist to check the time. Neither replied, not as much as a spoken response. I huffed, jolting in my seat as we travelled on a bumpy road.

Wait a minute, bumpy road?

Observing out of the window, I found we were not on the motorway anymore, but on a bumpy country lane. The speeding cars beside us soon faded and turned into green: green trees, green bushes and green grass. Don’t forget the few horses and cows dotted here and there. As we travelled I saw a total of two cottages, they looked abandoned, but it was still something. This place seemed very unfamiliar; I was sure that we had never been here before.

“Can someone please tell me where we are going?!” I exclaimed dramatically. No response; I should have known better.

My seatbelt was getting on my nerves and my seat was way too warm. My legs were itching to get up and walk around and stretch. As you might have guessed I wasn’t so good at sitting still for this long and if I had to sit any longer, I don’t know what I’ll do. Probably jump out of the car while it was still driving, probably. But for now I settled with shuffling in my seat until I found a comfy spot I could stay in.

“Indie! Stop fidgeting and sit still. We are almost there.” Mum answered. Finally a response, it wasn’t much, but still a response. Thank the heavens that we’re almost there, wherever the hell it is, as long as I get out of this car.

Soon the few cows and horses I saw grazing on the fields were no longer in sight. The trees started to form neat rows, instead of being randomly planted in bundles to form cluttered forests of branches. I started to notice trimmed hedges and I wasn’t jolting in my seat anymore, as dad drove smoothly on a well gritted lane. I leaned towards the middle, just so my head was in between my parents. I could see the front view clearly.

We were slowly nearing a large, stone, antique looking building. Its windows were arched shaped and aligned. It had to be at least five floors high. The walls had carved patterns of lions with their mouths wide open. Their manes looked fiery, like each strand of hair was a flame carved in stone. My jaw dropped much like the lions’ mouth did. This place was immense. It had large gardens surrounding the building, filled with hedges trimmed in the shape of warriors and fires. Flowers of all colours bloomed in every corner. Dad slowed down directly in front of the building. I noticed a circular water feature with a stone statue of an open blaze, out of which water splashed. It was mesmerising.

The roar of the engine was cut off and a ringing sensation was left in my ears. “We’re here!” my dad chimed. I continue to gaze at the massive building, until my dad’s words struck a chord. Wait, we’re here?

I took off my seat belt and leaned forwards some more. “What do you mean ‘we’re here’? What is this place?” I questioned. However, before I could get a response both my parents were already out of the car and digging in the boot. Dad pulled out my large grey suitcase and placed it on the ground before closing the boot. Wait, why was my suitcase being the only one taken out?

Before my dad could take another step, I rushed out of the car. “Mum, dad why are we here?” both my parents looked at me. My dad had a soft expression on his face, eyebrows raised and eyes all dewy. My mum, on the other hand, had her lips pressed into a thin line.

My dad was the first to break the silence that had settled between us, “Honey, you’re going to be spending your summer here.”  My jaw fell as I looked between my parents and the large building.

“Why? What is this place?” I asked, worry creeping into my voice. Truth be told, I have never stayed away from my parents for two days let alone a whole summer. How on earth was I going to manage?

My mother cleared her throat, “Indie, this is a special summer camp. We were told, I mean, it was recommended that we send you here. This camp will be nothing but beneficial for you.” She finished with a forced smile on her face.

“But why?! What is so special about this dumb summer camp anyway?!” I demanded to know. I wasn’t fond of camps, never have been and my parents knew this. So why send me to one now? Especially when they knew that I wanted to spend my summer on the beach and in my friends’ penthouse by the sea. I could feel salty tears brimming in my eyes, instead of the salty air being breathed in.

“Honey, don’t yell. This camp will give you an opportunity to meet new people like yourself and help you socialize a bit more.” He paused, “You’ll learn a few important things while you’re at it.”

The tears came out now. I felt them escape my eyes and roll down my cheek where they dripped off the end of my chin. “I don’t want to meet new people and I definitely don’t want to learn new things during my summer! That's what school was meant for!”

My mum and dad both pulled me into a quick hug and each gave me a peck on the cheek before heading back inside the car. My dad started the engine that roared back to life. My mum stuck her head out of the car window.

“Just go to the front office, Indie. We’ve already informed them that you’ll be coming.” She stuck her hand out and waved. “Have a great time! Stay safe!” with that said and done, they drove off without another word.

I watched after the car, speeding along the lane. The vehicle grew smaller and smaller until I could see and hear no more. I didn’t even know what to do anymore. I was left in front of this large, posh looking house, with my luggage in my hand and no clue about what I was in for. I sighed and glanced at the road once more. They were gone now and there was no going back. I turned myself around and faced the massive building. 


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