Dej Vu


2. Zuphala

Hi, I'm Zuphala guardian angel of the trees and angel of the Lord. My older sister who goes under the name Kendall has been living in Earth trying to be what humans call, "Normal". She lives with two friends under the name of Dean and Sam Winchester who are human hunters. I flashed in behind to men in suits at a crime scene and a man beside them in a trench coat. 

"Hello, do you know a girl under the name of Kendall Stevens?" I ask one of them.

" yes actually. you a friend?"

“Sister, do you know where she is?” I ask politely smiling at the men uncomfortably staring at me behind him.

“Its a wanted poster.” Another guy said with long dirty blonde spiky hair. “Its supposedly the guy who works at a place called the mystery spot?” He added


“Excuse me sir but I don’t see how that is relevant but..” I pause pushing through them as I see Kendall looking down at the demented human vessel.  “Kendall! I’ve been looking all over for you, where were you we have a mission remember? To save heaven the Lord chose not only you but me and I’m not going to let you mess up something I want...again.

“Can’t we just do this later? why now? I have an important case to work on! Why don’t you play with your friends or help us with it?” She says. She gets up and walks over to the guy giving her a white piece of paper. “We need to find the place, the mystery spot right Dean? Should we go now or at night?”

“Night! definitely at night.” A tall guy beams.

"I do not understand what is happening, Kendall Stevens...come with me-now." I demand. "Who do you people think you are to think you have the right to kidnap my sister?" I say crossing my arms tilting my head. However, when they answered I was too busy staring at the black haired man in a trench coat.

"Castiel?" I ask myself under my breath.



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