Master of all Reality

Serenity White is a sixteen year old girl with the ability to change peoples perspective on reality. She's taken to a special school to help her control her ability, but the school has a dark secret. It's up to Serenity and her friends to uncover the schools dark secrets.


1. Let's meet the Victim

The street was crowded-a little too crowded for comfort. People hurried down the bloated sidewalk, jostling each other as they raced to their demanding jobs. Women in sharp skirt suits, men in crisp ties, kids with sleek smart phones, old men in felt fedoras. All so wrapped up in their personal lives they couldn't see the danger lurking in the shadows of a dark ally. The danger watching their every step. The danger desperately trying to ignore the dark halos of light surrounding the people-unique to each.

The danger that was me.

I leaned against the sticky brick wall of the ally, my eyes scanning the crowds. I clenched my hands and crossed my arms, closing my eyes to avoid seeing the halos. Even though they were out of my line of sight, I still saw them. Still saw the vibrant blues and greens. The purples and pinks. The whites and blacks. And they annoyed the heck out of me. I shook my head, trying to dispel the image of the halos. It didn't work.

Mmmmm, hard to forget about them, isn't it Darling? I snapped my eyes open and glared at the semi-visible boy standing in front of me. He had dark blue eyes and short blonde hair, and was built like a freaking t-shirt model. He was faded like old jeans and I could almost see through him. Almost.

"Get lost, Reality." Reality laughed, a low, slick, sultry sound.

Still miffed at me? You always were one to hold a grudge.

"I have good reason to be miffed at you. I haven't forgotten what happened last time."

And you always dwell on the little stuff. My eyes narrowed and I pushed off the wall, talking a step closer to the punk living inside my head.

"Causing a guy to jump out a three story window onto a moving train is not "little stuff". He was in the hospital for almost two weeks, then he got tossed in a county jail."

The jail part was not your fault. He was thrown in for bailing on jury duty.

"Which was my fault because his jury duty was scheduled in the two weeks he was in the hospital curtsy of me."

It was in self defens- Reality broke off abruptly, and fixed a hard stare on me. Your getting off topic. I snorted.

"That was kind of the point." Reality raised a long, elegant finger and waggled it at me. Then he swept his hand out towards the still crowded sidewalk. Against my will my eyes followed his tan hand. The dark halos of light hit me like a shot of whiskey, hard and burning. I inhaled sharply and Reality laughed again. He put his hands on my shoulders and turned me so that I was facing the sidewalk. I felt his head dip down, and the heard his deep voice whisper softly in my ear.

I know how much you want to do it, Darling. You can't hid it from me.And you know how much I hate seeing you in pain, don't you? Try as I might, his words slipped into my brain, slithering down my spine and making me shiver, but not with dread like I wanted. With anticipation. Reality sensed my eagerness and acted on it. One person won't make a difference, Darling. You know that. So what are you waiting for? I sighed, unable to resist Reality anymore. But then again, I never could resist him, no matter how hard I tried.

I scanned the sidewalk again, looking for the perfect victim. I saw a man in a black suit, his hair greased back, articulating into the phone plastered his ear. He was talking about cutting pay-roll in half and laying off some guy named Jones. His profile fit the harsh words he was spewing. He looked like the kind of guy who kicked puppies and robbed old ladies in his spare time. I felt Reality's head nodded and I grinned wickedly, completely under his power. Again.

I stepped out of the shadow shrouded ally and into the Victim's path. He tried to skirt around me, not even bothering to look down. I intercepted him, and he tried again. The tired time finally got his attention, and he snapped his eyes down to glared daggers at me

"Get out of my way, kid." I just smiled at him and didn't move. I focused on the dark halo of light surrounding him. It was colored neon green and was twisted up pretty badly already. Apparently, this man was an egotistical maniac who got a kick out of seeing people suffer. Perfect. Let's see if we can't twist it even more. "Are you deaf?" The Victim snapped again as he tried once again to step around me. I intercepted him again and he let out a frustrated groan. He started to yell at me, but I didn't hear him. I held out my hand and grasped the Victim's halo between my thumb and middle finger. Then I snapped and altered the Victim's reality.

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