Dark tales of Dellanie

When a Dellanie Madison is driven to the edge she finds little hope and has some BIG decisions to make.


1. August 1st- August 3rd

Dear Diary,                Aug. 1st

     Dellanie here. My mother is forcing me to write this diary so..here goes nothing

     Tomorrow is my birthday and i have a couple of friends coming over to celebrate. The first one is my best friend Sarah, ive known her since 2nd grade. The its Games (pronounced James his parents were big time gamers) ive known him for a short while but hes really close to me. Then its Ginnie, Michelle, and Brenda them I've known a little while longer then Games but Im still not very close to. 

    I'm gonna be turning 15 and in this day and age I've heard its when it starts to get harder to cope with things, But I guess we'll find out.




Dear Diary,               Aug. 2nd

    Today is the day. Its my 15th birthday and my freinds are about to arrive last night was boring other then the usual making fun of my hair (turquoise blue long and straight). 

    "Sweet heart whats with that horrible hair its an ugly color." or " why'd we allow you to get that nose peircing?" 

     We'll cause i wanted them and you all treat me like crap.




Dear Diary,                Aug. 3rd


     The party was quite, and today i have to go back to school here it starts really early so we can get out earlier... Im writing in the morning an wont sign off so I can tell you what happens.


     Well the torment never ends i was pushed into a locker and called an emo faggot. Thats all i wanna say tonight i dont want to get tear stains on my paper.



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