Chris ran away from home. Far further than she ever intended to. She ends up in another world. Narnia. But her timing isn't exactly perfect. She dumps in (Literally "Dumps in") during times of war, and highly political tension. Telmarines have infiltrated Narnia, The land is torn, and a rebellion is forming.
Four other kids from our world is there at the same time as Chris. But they're from a different time. Chris is being thrown into another world, into a war, and (Again LITERALLY "Thrown into") A Super dreamy guy. Peter Pevensie. In the middle of a war, a romance takes form. But they're very different. I was gonna write "From different worlds" But... Yeah......


2. The Art Of Hiding In A Hollow Tree


The sound of dogs barking and men shouting reached my ears. 

"How can they still be following me?!" My bag hanging over my shoulder was banging annoyingly against my thigh for every other step i took. I was sprinting all I could, so the bag-thing was actually really annoying. Like, really, really annoying.

Central Park had always seemed peaceful and quiet. Now, it was filled with policemen and dogs. And of course me, a refugee. I don't get just why they would send a team of 30 policemen, with dogs after me. I'm just a 16-year-old runaway. Right?

I stopped.

Putting my hands on my knees and bending slightly over to catch my breath.

Looking around to locate the nearest exit and realizing-

"I'm lost?" I had never been lost before, not in the subway under New York, not in the streets, and especially never in Central Park. 

Why now? 

And how come I've never been here before???????

"Oh Dear mother of the holy Christ Jesus God my fucking life!!!" I Shouted out with my hands covering my face.

"This isn't happening. Not now. Not now. This isn't  HAPPENING!!!!!"

I listened. 

Barking dogs nearby.

"Oh no"

"Oh no no no no no no. Not now!"

I started running in the opposite direction, only to hear dogs and shouting men from there too!

"Why can't I have one lucky day?" My voice had turned into a pathetic whimper.

"Okay Crys"

"Girl-scout-awesome-survivor-refugee-#Homeless-mode, ACTIVATE!!!"

I should probably explain-

During the summer breaks (For as long as I can remember) My mom would bring me and my sisters to a farm in Penn State. I don't know if it is some sort of "Family heir loom" But it has green fields, big forrests, low valleys and cold rivers. 

Those summers were heaven to little five-year-old Crys.

I would sleep in the forrest, swim in the rivers and run in the valleys. Never alone of course.

Anyway- My mother would always give me important lessons in survival. I know how to build a fire, how to make a snare, how to set up a camp and all that stuff....

With my "Girl-scout-awesome-survivor-refugee-#Homeless-mode" -eyes, I quickly scanned the terrain. Snow, ice, no wind to carry me scent away, I was definitely gone leave footprints.

I let my "Girl-scout-awesome-survivor-refugee-#Homeless" eyes wander, before flicking them back at something.

A little pool of ice.

My chance of escaping. They were everywhere. And I would be able to jump from pool to pool.

"Ice doesn't leave footprints" It was a long shot, but it was my only shot. I jumped. But there's one thing about ice...

It's god. Damned. Effing. Slippery!

So I went on my ass.

Very elegantly! 

Like a ballerina-

on crack.

"Okay Crys... five feet to the next pool" I got ready to jump.

"Just try not to die" I jumped.

This time i softened the fall by bouncing in my knees and widening my stance. I still wound up on my ass... Ever so nonchalantly.

"Get up and get going!" Sometimes you just need to toughen yourself up.

I didn't screw up the next jump. *Applause*

From then on, things weren't that difficult. Once you get the hang of running away from police by jumping on little ice pools, it can actually be quite fun!

There was a large one. I got ready to jump. Bending my knees slightly. Inhaling. Feeling adrenaline rush through my body. Exhaling. Jumping. For a second I was flying. Then I landed on what might once have been a large pond. I had gotten too lost in my little "Jump-From-Ice-Pool-To-Ice-Pool-Game" To realise that I was so far away from the paths and roads that I could't see them anymore.

The sound of barking dogs had disappeared somewhere in the process and i was standing in front of a huge tree, surrounded by smaller, younger ones. I could see nothing but the young Birch trees for miles, until disappearing in the horizon. 

Did I jump this far?

Dogs barking.

"No!" I tossed and turned to determine where the (Highly unwelcome!!!) noise was coming from.

I started walking around the hundred-year old oak-tree, and the barking grew less hearable.

The tree was hollow!!! I quickly ran 100 feet away, Tossed my beanie another 10 feet, and Ice-Pool-Jumped my way back.  

Then, Almost as if in slow-motion- I just looked at the tree. Its branches were moving, but there was no wind. Its roots were spreading, taking up most of the space around the tree.

Dogs barking. Closer.

"Well, I guess this is it" I tried to swallow the lump in my throat.

"My moment of truth" I started climbing.

"Why spiders?" I'm not scared of spiders but-

"Orgh come on!" Nobody likes it when there's a thousand of them in you face!

"Why does it have to be this hard!?" I pulled myself throughout the opening in the tree.

"Why isn't there just a f*cking yellow brick Ungh" I Started to pull myself up in the tree, Using all my muscles to press on the sides just so I won't fall down.

"Road?" The barking dogs were getting closer, I could only hope for them to follow my scent and find my beanie, and then take it from there.

"Why do I always get in, EEEEP!!!" my foot slipped

"Trouble!?" I was probably a couple of meters over the hole in the log. And my feet were resting comfortably. So why not stop here?

Huffing and puffing I decided to wait and listen.


"I'll wait a couple of minutes." Something wasn't right

"This was too easy" There was no way detective Gruber was gonna give up like that....

"Ahhhh... good ol' times with Gruber" How many times had he almost gotten me? 8? 9?

He was the detective on my case. He was... Persistent: Nicely phrased...

"No, no, no, no, no" I felt myself slipping.

"Please don't!" I was grasping and clenching and clawing desperately to stay in my safe spot but in despite of my efforts I was still slipping.

"gneeehee!" *Very charming I know!*

I fell. Longer than i thought I had climbed.

But i reached the bottom of the log.

"*Gasp*" I heard a voice as i placed my hands on the grass under the tree.

"How?" It was probably the worst try at whispering I had ever heard.

A goat bleated nearby.

Clenching the grass between my fingers I decided to not go down without a fight.


The grass in Central Park was covered with snow?


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