Chris ran away from home. Far further than she ever intended to. She ends up in another world. Narnia. But her timing isn't exactly perfect. She dumps in (Literally "Dumps in") during times of war, and highly political tension. Telmarines have infiltrated Narnia, The land is torn, and a rebellion is forming.
Four other kids from our world is there at the same time as Chris. But they're from a different time. Chris is being thrown into another world, into a war, and (Again LITERALLY "Thrown into") A Super dreamy guy. Peter Pevensie. In the middle of a war, a romance takes form. But they're very different. I was gonna write "From different worlds" But... Yeah......


1. Prologue


I'm a girl. I live in New York city. I don't have a dad. Well yeah, of course I have a dad, i mean, it kinda takes two people to make a baby *Wink* 

But i've never met him. And I've never met my grandparents, not even on my mothers side, so it's just me, my mother, and my six sisters.

Yes you heard right. I have six older sisters. And I love each and every one of them, only, they're all twins... so that kinda sucks. For me.... I bet it's awesome to have a twin. Anyway, my mom isn't normal. She named us all after jewellery stones.... 

i'm Chris, or I tell people i'm "Chris" they assume it's short for "Christina" so i just roll with it. but my real name is Crystal.... I'm sixteen years old... I was born the 30th of December. I'm the youngest in the pack. Amber and Pearl are two years older than me, their birthday is the 29th of December... Sophie (Safire) And Emma (Emerald) are three years older than me, born the 28th of December. Ruby and Amy (Amethyst)  are five years older than me, birthday: The 27th of December...

I'm different from all my sisters. They're all flawless- Beautiful, smart, funny, good at sports, musically talented! They all just set the expectation bar really high. So I've always gone my own way.


A much longer, much more troubly, much much more fun way to go.


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