Tahirah was a lucky girl, Straight A student, parents earned a fair living but argued alot. Niall came across Summer he had his doubts but ended up falling in love, but he wasnt the only one....


3. When Did You Find Out This Piece of Info?

Liam let out a chuckle.

"Jess I know your a crazed directioner but you didnt have to KIDNAPP HIM!!!" I yelled.

Liam burst out laughing

"What?! no no no the surprise was he's my

cousin!" she replied.

"Come again?" i asked, is this is a sick joke....

"" My mouth dropped to the floor.

Liam took a stride towards me.

"I dont mean to interupt your little conversation but i thought i would introduce myself." He said sweetly.

"My name is Liam Payne and you are?" he asked politely

For a moment I went completely blank then I realised he asked me a question.

"um...oh Tahirah" I replied

"wow...I've never heard that name before. What does it mean" he asked and seemed to be astonished.

"Well that's the funny part....It means well purity of the mind..." I shyly replied

"What's so funny about that" he asked me with sincerity but with a hint of amusmant in his eyes.

" means I have a clean mind and don't think...dirty thoughts." I said while looking down.

Jess started laughing

" not true" she said in between laughs

Liam and I eventually joined in causing a huge noise.

Louis swung the door open and yelled

" I hear laughing WHAT's THE JOKE!" I instantly stopped laughing and looked him up and down. Louis Tomlinson was not standing in front of me.

"Better believe it" he said and winked as if he could read my thoughts.

"Due to your silence I dont think i have to introduce myself" he said playfully cockily.

I just shook my head.

"So Tahirah now that you know that Liam is my cousin what do you have to say" she interupted cockily.

I snapped my head towards her and raised my eyebrows at her atitude earning an "oooohh" from Liam and Louis

"When did you find out this peice of information"

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