Tahirah was a lucky girl, Straight A student, parents earned a fair living but argued alot. Niall came across Summer he had his doubts but ended up falling in love, but he wasnt the only one....


2. Wanna Come Over?

Tahirah's POV

I was walking along the pebble-stone path with my sling bag hanging off my shoulder when a magazine headline caught my eye.

Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner Dating?

It was like a stab to the heart, but its not like i had a chance anyway. It would be nice though, but I'm not in a movie so no happy ending for me oh well...

I got home and unlocked my front door. I live by myself because well I'm 19 for starters and i just thought the experience of living by myself would be cool so ya i went ahead with the idea.

I do have a car. Its rather well...AMAZING, its an awesome car ! i just dont know what its called I've never been into that kinda stuff. All i know is that it drives all the boys to crazytown.

I walked up the stairs that lead to a corridor with quite a few rooms, I've actually forgotten what some of them are. I walked up to my room and dumped my bag onto my bed. I plopped onto my bed and stared at the white ceiling

"Wow I am bored" I said out loud.

Just then my phone rang. It was my best friend Jessica. I answered the phone in a matter of seconds.

"Hiiii" i shouted. I must've been really bored.

"Hiiii" she shouted even louder.

"You dont have to shout" I whined

We both burst out laughing.

"So what you up to? " I asked Jess who was still recovering from our previous laugh fest

"Oh ya!" She said

"what?" I asked confused

"I wanted to know if you wanna come over?" she asked.

"Sure, I'll be there in 10" I replied

"Kk see ya in 10" she replied then hung up.

I grabbed my sleevless, denim jacket and black and white converse with a pair of cop shades and threw them on. I took my keys and headed out the door making sure to lock it behind me.

I kept my word and arrived at Jess' house in 10 minutes. I pulled up to the familiar white-walled house. Jess also lives by herself for more or less the same reasons as me. I slammed the car door behind me, hard, making sure my arrival was heard. I didnt bother knocking, I just walked in.

"Honey, I'm hooome!" I shouted as i entered the living room.

Just then in burst a crazy looking Jessica, with that stupid ass grin of hers on her face.

"Hi" she said

"....what are you going to do to me?" I asked slowly backing away.

She didnt reply, which scared me even more.

I made a run for it out the front door towards my car. Unfortunately for me, when Jess is excited she is F-A-S-T. She grabbed my arm and dragged me inside.

"Spare Me" I begged. She dragged me up the stairs, which was probably the most painful thing i had ever experienced. She set me on her bed and headed towards her wardrobe. She then pulled out the most beautiful living thing on earth, yes you guessed it, ladies and gentlemen, LIAM PAYNE.


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