Tahirah was a lucky girl, Straight A student, parents earned a fair living but argued alot. Niall came across Summer he had his doubts but ended up falling in love, but he wasnt the only one....


4. Laughter is in the Air

"When did you find out this piece of information" I sassed upset i didnt find out that my best friend had a celebrity as her cousin earlier.

"I have you know we only found out we were related now" she sassed back

"How are you even cousins? His name is Liam Payne and your name is Jessica Pay- Oh gosh I'm such a dumbass!" I exclaimed while slamming my hand on my forehead.

"Yes,indeed you are" Louis said and put his arm around my waist somewhat...territorily

Niall's POV

I saw the girl Jessica was planning to surprise. She said she was funny and really pretty. I'm sure she was trying to hint me. I saw a white car pull up. Wow was all i could say. I was actually kind of doubting Jessica's description. The girl seemed to be the snobby rich type.Harry appeared next to me. He wolf whistled.

"Fit bird we got there eh" He playfully said and chuckled.

I just sighed and continued looking out the window.

Louis' POV

I put my arm around Tahirah's waist. I was kinda trying to get a message across to Liam saying "All Mine" I know it sounds possetional but she will be mine. I saw a hint of jelousy in Liam's eyes but it was quickly replaced by that fake smile of his.

Jess fake coughed to break the ice, but it didnt really work.

Then came in a chipmunk cheeked Niall followed by a flirty looking Harry.

"Hi" Niall said to Tahirah with his face full of who knows what.

"Hi Niall" she replied laughing. What I liked about this girl was she didnt giggle.

He swallowed his food down and opened his arms for an embrace. This caused Tahirah to leave my side and slip into Niall's hug.

"And what's your name miss?" he asked like a gentleman. I mentally gagged.

"Tahirah" she replied short and sweet.

"Never heard that name before. What does it mean?" he asked.Tahirah tried to hold in her laugh and Jess burst out laughing. Soon enough Tahirah and Liam were full on laughing.They were literraly rolling on the floor.

"Ay!" Niall shouted. They all got up and quickly straightened themselves out.

"What were you laughing at?" Harry asked. They all looked down and once again Tahirah was holding in her laugh.

"What are you laughing at Tahirah?" Niall asked her seriouly. She was biting down her lip to prevent herself from laughing. It was the cutest thing ever.

"Anyways, hi Tahirah my name is Harry" he interupted.

"Pleasure to meet you, Harry" she mimicked his British accent and curtsied.

And again Liam, Tahirah and Jess started laughing.


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