He looks so perfect 5SOS fan fiction

Connie is best friends with Luke Hemmings but when something happens to connie what will Luke do to help his best friend.
Read to find out. Could u please fav and comment pleaseee


9. 6

lukes P.O.V

me and ashton are waiting in the waiting room for connie to come out.

im so scared. what if she dies. loads of what if are running through my head. 

the doctor came out and said 

"are you her miss connie?"

"yes we are is she ok?"

"shes in a coma at the moment. she has lost a lot of blood. can we test your blood type please.

"yes sure." 

he took us to the nurses area and got a nurse to take my blood to see if we are a match. 

the nurse went away with a sample of my blood.

when she came back she said

"your a match. im gonna need to take a pint of your blood is that ok?" 

"yep thats fine."

she then took my blood. and took it off and put it some where then she came back with a cup of tea with 2 sugars.

"when can i see connie?"  


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