He looks so perfect 5SOS fan fiction

Connie is best friends with Luke Hemmings but when something happens to connie what will Luke do to help his best friend.
Read to find out. Could u please fav and comment pleaseee


2. 1

Connies p.o.v

Going to see Luke soon I can't wait. :-). I've always had a crush on Luke. Hehe. I know I'm too young to date him but he's just so cuteee!!!.

Better go get ready bye.

Right I'm out of the shower and now I'm going to get dressed. I'm wearing light blue jeans with a New York top. By the way I live in London so it's hard to see Luke but he comes over in the summer so that's good.

I put my hair up on to a bow and stranded my side fringe. I went downstairs and got some water and sat and watched spongebob, I know I'm too old for spongebob but I love him he can make a campfire underwater his amaZayn lol.( A.n I'm 12 and I lovee sponge bob hahhaha)

Yay lukes here got to go byee

(A.n hey guys I'm Courtnee and I love 5sos 1D and Demi lovato and spongebob haha. Anyways this is my first book hope you guys like it. It's an 1D and 5Sos fan fiction) xxxx

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