He Forgot Where He Belongs

Hi, I'm Alison. Niall Horan used to be my best friend, but then one day he left for the x-factor. He forgot where he belongs. I wish I could get him back, but that will be hard.


5. Chapter 4

When we got to Nialls flat, he started to unlock the door and I heard a bunch of guys in there screaming through the door.

"GUYS!!!!! NIALL IS HOME. ALERT THE IRISH BUM IS HOME!" A guy said with a British accent.

When Niall heard that he just shook his head and started to laugh.

He got the door open and started to look around to see four guys, but not just any guys it was the rest of One Direction.

"I suggest you wait outside for like 5 minutes" Niall told me. I nodded and sat by the outside of his door.

I started looking through my twitter and I saw a bunch of pictures of Niall from earlier today and when Niall was out with me.

"Guys! What the hell are you doing here?!?!" Niall screamed at the boys.

"We flew here because we wanted to see you...." I knew who that was, it was Louis. And when he said that I could tell he was lying. I just shook my head and waited for Niall to say more.

"I brought my old best friend here with me, it's a girl! Look, I really like her and I told you guys that. Please don't mess this up for me!" Niall whisper yelled.

"Okay. We won't." Harry answered for them.

I then heard Nialls footsteps come this way.

"You can come in now." Niall said to me. He reached out a hand for me to pick it up. I received his lovely gesture and pulled me up.

We both started walking in and they all the boys did a flirty whistle. I saw Niall giving them a look to cut it out and then they all did.

"Boys, this is Ali. Ali, this is Harry, Louis, Liam, and Zayn."

Liam was the first to come up to me and give me a tight hug. I hugged back, but not as tightly as he hugged me.

"It's nice to meet you, Ali!" Liam said to me.

Zayn was the second one to gesture me with a kiss on the knuckles.

Harry and Louis only gave me a firm hand shake because they are dating Tori and Jayde, but they are in a very serious relationship. Zayn is going to marry Perrie, but he was still very polite to me.

"So boys, what was the real reason that you broke into my flat?" Niall asked them.

"We leave for tour again tomorrow." Liam told him. That made me frown because I'm not ready for Niall to leave again.

"Oh." Was all that Niall could say. Niall then walked over to me and pulled me aside.

"Ali, can you come on tour with me?"


Ooooh cliffhanger!! Do you think she will say yes? Or will Simon make her stay behind? Comment your thoughts!

Jayde xxx

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