Live Flesh, Dead Flesh - What Are You Looking For?

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  • Published: 14 Jun 2014
  • Updated: 14 Jun 2014
  • Status: Complete
Live flesh, dead flesh - what are you looking for?
Zombies are taking over, and humans have gone into hiding. It's time to decide what you're looking for in life. Live flesh or dead flesh?


1. Live Flesh, Dead Flesh - What Are You Looking For?


   Live flesh, dead flesh - what are you looking for? Think. Fast. Where do you need to be? Hide with the humans (Live flesh) or rampage with the zombies (dead flesh). Rule one: Think fast. I couldn't, my head swirled and I continued to run. The dead and decaying running behind me, as flies flew into their folds of failed flesh. Red meat surrounded their eyes, like they had completely nearly been decapitated in the abattoir  I previously had cut my ankle, and it hurt as though the cut continuously stabbed my ankle with pins. The undead droned on behind, cricking their necks as one wondered why it had snapped. Their torn skin hung of their faces, and they shuffled forward quite quickly,  with their ripped, blood-dripping hands outstretched looking to grab each other. I turned quickly to see one grab another, and not realising they were both dead flesh the grabbed one squeezed the others head, jerked it, and with a spray of red, dug into the zombie's neck, and ripped out the strip of flesh at the back of the beck. It then reached forward and ripped the flesh off at the front, which took off the skin of the face like a clowns creepy mask.

  The painful sensation in my leg grew greater as I kept running, as rule one again spoke to me. The zombies behind swayed their heads around like drunken teenagers as they advanced, their army against one who was looking for live flesh, to go and hide with them. When the epidemic began, it quickly spread, and the only solution was for humans to hide underground, but food and water was short, unlike how it was for the dead flesh. People immediately panicked, and the path to getting underground was slow, and so many tried to unsuccessfully hide above ground. The zombies behind me advanced, and some of their torn clothes trailed behind them. The women dead flesh often had only straggled of hair left, as in the zombie rush they tugged at each other for food, and many had torn body parts such as arms, legs, ears and lips. Must've been a rough abattoir... 

   My head rushed as rule one again echoed, and the answer was always live flesh, live flesh, live flesh. The pain in my ankle spread as I realised I was breathing with my mouth open. Then I realised I wasn't. I had a bit of a cut, at the side of my mouth, from a previous scrap. My ankle hurt more and I had to begin limping to try and ease the pain, as my mind went back to that previous scrap, as I began to grow weary... rule one... answer the question... live flesh... TO EAT. Dead flesh... MINE.


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