Katerina Westly, the only female werewolf, was bitten by a werewolf after a party. She was forced to leave her family and home in Louisiana and take up residence in Florida as a rogue werewolf. She is constantly on the move. Now on her way to Canada she must cross over a brutal pack's territory. Kat is careful but not enough. Will they kill her? Or will they take her in?

The Werewolf is always on guard and her number one goal is: SURVIVE....

Read RARITY for the ultimate supernatural survival story of a young female werewolf. Odds are against her, but that never stopped the greatest heroes, so why should it stop her?


2. Maybe Not so Bad

After twenty minutes of wandering through the woods we come upon a huge three story brick house. Light showed through the windows and smoke billowed from the chimney. I couldn't help but gape in its presence. Josh and Wyatt pushed me forward. Christopher continued to walk at his brisk pace. His black fur glistened in the dull light.

Chris reached up and grabbed hold of an XL shirt. It was dark grey with the words 'FREE SPIRIT' written in bold white letters. He turned around and dropped it in front of me. "Change back." He commanded. The others followed his example and pulled down their own clothes. Chris got himself his own shorts.

I thought about running while they were in mid transformation, but my gut feeling stopped me. My back rippled and my shoulder blades pressed back down. I let out a howl that turned into a half scream. I stood up in human form, naked. I slipped the big shirt over my head before the boys saw me. My dark blonde hair hung in a thick messy way around my shoulder. The shirt reached mid thigh, cover north and south of the equator.

I blushed when I saw the boys without clothes. Chris had dark brown hair that was messy in a sexy way. He had intense blue eyes and his bottom lip was more full than his upper lip, but I found that hot. He had a sharply defined jawline and perfect white teeth. As my eyes drifted down I saw his rock hard werewolf abs. I'll be damned if I didn't melt right then. I look away before I saw more than I was meant to.

When they were dressed I looked back. Josh had light brown hair and soft brown eyes. He had a cute smile with dimples. Wyatt had dirty blonde hair and sea green eyes. His eyebrows seemed to intensify his eyes. Those boys couldn't be more different but so hawt!

Christopher was the first one to look at me. His eyes searched me head to toe. His mouth twitched and he looked away.

Josh and Wyatt looked me down too but less subtly. "Woah!" Josh said. "She's kinda pretty! Isn't she Christopher?"

I blush. Chris's angular cheeks redden. "Uh... I guess." He looks down. I never thought I'd ever see him blush.

Wyatt looks pointedly at Josh as if reprimanding him. The boys are only wearing shorts exposing their hard abs.

"C'mon," Chris motions to go inside and we follow like lost puppies. Inside was beautiful. There were couches in front of a fireplace with a flat screen tv mounted above. It smelled of sweet maple and pine. There was a rug on the floor like the ones Indians made. Off to the corner there were stairs made of dark wood, polished to a shine. The railing was perfectly sculpted wood. On each poll were Identical wolf heads.

I heard the running of water in another room. "Wyatt take her upstairs to shower. Stand guard at her door." Chris ordered.

Wyatt nodded and grabbed my wrists. We walked up the stair case and turned to the right. We walked to the last door. Wyatt pushed it open. "Towels here." He directed. "I'll be out here if you need anything."

I gave a small smile and walked into the bathroom. The curtains to the shower were baby blue. The walls were a lighter blue. The sink was marble and expensive looking.

I looked up at the mirror. My dark blonde hair was a knotted mess. Bags under my eyes hinted at the fact I haven't sleep over 3 hours in a two day period. Being a rogue meant always being alert and on guard because at any moment you might be killed. Almost everywhere is claimed by a pack. Some are more lenient than others. Some would kill humans with no remorse, even if it's against the rules. Other packs wouldn't pick a fight with werewolves like that because they are cowards

I slipped the dark grey shirt over my head and folded it nearly. I set it by the sink. I turned the water on. I set it on a warm setting. It's been a while since I had access to hot water and industrial showers. As a rogue we washed in streams, lakes, etc. I was hardly ever in human form. I'm not going to lie, it was hard.

I stepped in the shower, the heat soothed my aching muscles. I raked my fingers through my long wet hair. The warm water cascaded over my body. I closed my eyes, savoring the feeling. Water streamed down my face cleansing me of my time spent as a rogue.

I opened my eyes and grabbed the bottle of two in one strawberry scented shampoo. I poured a good amount of the pink yummy smelling soap in my hand and rubbed it into my dark blonde hair. The smell of strawberries over took the stench of dirt. I smiled.

I rinsed the shampoo from my hair and turned the water off. The sound of draining water filled my ears. I stepped out of the shower wet and naked.

The mirror was too fogged up to see my reflection from the hot shower, so I didn't even look. I grabbed a white towel of the top of the stack. I quickly dried my body and hair then wrapped myself with the towel, coving my body.

I opened the door to the bathroom to find Wyatt leaning against the wall with his arms folded and his eyes shut. "Mrs. Carrey has clothes you can borrow." He say opening his eyes, turning to face me. "For the record I didn't want to kill you, Katerina, I wanted to prove that I was a worthy beta by stepping up." His sea green eyes were sincere.

"I know." I lied, I didn't know at the time. "It's fine, I'm alive." And I intended on keeping it that way. I always put surviving at the top of my priority list.

Were the rumors about this pack actually true? They couldn't be, could they? What could they have done that was horrible enough to start rumors that would spread even out of state? My gut told me that I should be leery, but still trust, at least for now.

Maybe they weren't so bad... The chances of this pack being worse than what I've already encountered seemed pretty non existed, but what if the rumors were true?

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