Katerina Westly, the only female werewolf, was bitten by a werewolf after a party. She was forced to leave her family and home in Louisiana and take up residence in Florida as a rogue werewolf. She is constantly on the move. Now on her way to Canada she must cross over a brutal pack's territory. Kat is careful but not enough. Will they kill her? Or will they take her in?

The Werewolf is always on guard and her number one goal is: SURVIVE....

Read RARITY for the ultimate supernatural survival story of a young female werewolf. Odds are against her, but that never stopped the greatest heroes, so why should it stop her?


1. Captured?

Trespassing onto the Brevard werewolf pack's territory was the best way to get to Canada. Their scent was everywhere. It clung to the pine scented air like the stench of rotten fish. I wrinkled my nose. Eww...

They were known not to take kindly to Rogues. I heard that they killed them on the spot. I'm a Rogue, not for breaking werewolf rules, but because I don't have a pack. I was bitten five years ago when I was walking home drunk from a party.

I sniffed the ground. They were here recently. I glanced around, nothing, just trees and brush. I coward along hoping to get out of Brevard County quick.

My dirt matted blonde wolf coat blew in the slight winds. If I wasn't on guard I would be admiring the beauty of these woods. My almost clear blue eyes search for a place to stay the night. Maybe a gap in the tree roots or an old Coyote den. Nothing. I kept going.

I had to leave my family in Louisiana because of stupid pack politics and werewolf laws. No newly turned wolf was to be living with humans. I didn't want to go but they threatened to kill my family. Ever since I have been on the run. That pack desperately wanted me to join them for some reason or another. I never did because they rubbed me the wrong way making me leave my home.

The scent of the Brevard wolves were heavy. Stay calm, they can smell fear. Stay down wind. Stay hidden.

My light coat stood out against the trees. I could hear the beating of paws against the ground. Had they found me? I hope not. I decided to run for my life. My heart tried to leap from my chest. Thump... Thump....

I dodged trees and leaped over fallen branches and brush. I could hear them behind me. I glanced back. Nothing. Were they hiding or not close enough to see?

I kept running and running, not slowing down. I've lasted five years as a Rogue what's one more?

Oh, no. I came to a screeching halt. There in front if me was a ten foot wall. I could hear the zoom of cars behind the monstrous stone wall. It seemed old with vines growing up and down it.

I heard the beat of paws behind me stop running. They were coming. I coward against the wall, cornered. I lowered my head and snarled. They want to kill me. I ain't going down without a fight.

A huge black wolf sauntered over. Behind him were two other wolves. One was grey and white the other was light brown.

The big black wolf had icy blue eyes and his thick coat shined in the light. He barred his teeth and growled. It was a horrible sound. I backed up to the wall barring my teeth.

My coat was full of dirt. It was almost not blonde it was so dirty. I lowered my head and raised my tail.

"Who wants 'em this time?" The black wolf asked. Immediately the grey wolf stepped up.

The black wolf backed off. I took a chance and bolted along the wall. I ran as fast as I could. No use. The black wolf tackled me and I hit my head on the wall. I winced.

He stood over me. I glared up at him as I was pinned down. I growled. "Get off of me you oaf!" I hissed through clenched teeth.

"Your a girl?" He asked with his voice dripping with disbelief.

"No, shit. Get off me!" I tried to struggle away. His weight vs mine was too much for a small wolf like myself.

"Woah," I hear the light brown wolf say. "That's why it's so small! Are we still going to kill it?"

The big black wolf growled at the smaller brown one. "Of course not! Do you know how many female lycanthrope there are?" He asked in a big boy voice.

The smaller wolf whimpered. "Uh... I don't know..."

The grey wolf walked up beside the black one. "But Christopher she's a rogue." He said with a calm voice.

"I know, Wyatt, but there are no other female werewolves!" The wolf that was Christopher exclaimed.

"All the more reason to let me go." I pleaded hoping that I might be able to wiggle free.

"No," the wolf above me said. "All the more reason to make you stay."

I tried to push him off me, no use, he was too big. He gazed down at me, with a different look in his eyes, like an apology. He got off me.

I got up quickly and growled at them. I didn't bother running because if I did they would catch me, again, and I might not be so lucky.

"Why are you on our territory, Rogue?" The black wolf asked with a certain amount of harshness. His voice was deep and velvety. He smelt of a sweet maple and pine, like someone who is outdoors often.

Should I tell him the truth? I don't have anything to hide. "I'm going to Canada." I say honestly.

Christopher looks perplexed. "Why don't you just travel like the humans?" He asks. The others mirror he's curiosity.

"I don't have any money." I say, embarrassed.

The big wolf nods. "Your coming with us." He turns around and starts walking away. His lackeys come on each side of me forcing me to follow Christopher. Without looking back Chris says, "what's your name?"

I hesitate. Should I tell him? Why not. "Katerina Westly."

"I'm Chris, Next in line for Alpha. The grey mediator is Wyatt. The brown goof is Josh." He says while walking at brisk pace weaving through the trees. "You know," he began "it is quite a rarity for a female human to become a werewolf after a bite because they are simply not strong enough to survive the initial change. In fact it has never happened." He says this like a fact but I'm living proof that it's possible. "Tell me, were you born or bitten?" He asks.

"Bitten." I seethed. The memory was a haze of drunkenness. A big dark dog leaped out from the trees, bit me, and ran off. I was so confused. Another memory plagued my mind. The first change took a torturous ten minutes of bone breaking, muscle tearing, and body convulsing pain. Now I can change in ten seconds. It's still painful but now it's bearable. My first change was in my bathroom. Thank god my mom, dad and brother were at a late night baseball game.

"Keterina." He says. "You Perplex me." His voice was thick with unsatisfied curiosity. Did he still want to kill me? I didn't think so. What did he want now? Why did he capture me? Questions still buzzed around my uncertain mind. Was I really just now captured??

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