Saving Her

He came out from the shadows, with that familiar sweet voice. I knew from that moment there was something about him. Now I can't let go, not ever.


2. Familiarity Becomes Reality

I woke up to the noise of my Nurse shouting at me and pulling at my bed sheets. She wasn't an aggressive lady at all, to be honest, she was really nice. This was just hear way of waking me up in the mornings since it's nearly impossible.

"I'm up, I'm up." I repeated in a slightly groggy voice as I rubbed my eyes as few times before sitting forward in my bed.

"It's the Martinez Ball in an hour." She spoke calmly as I grabbed my phone from the side table.

"Okay, you're seriously telling me that I've slept for most of the day?" I shook my head realising that this couldn't be possible.

"Scarlett, I don't mean to pry but is everything okay? You're staying out later and later each night, I'm always the one telling your parents you're tucked away in bed but you're out all night. Last night you were so drunk a guy had to bring you back. You can talk to me sweetheart."

Nurse told me as she handed me a tight, light purple dress for tonight's ball but I just stopped dressing behind my screen the moment she said that I'd been brought back by a stranger. I remember talking to a stranger on top of that building.

"A stranger? Did he leave a name? Did you see his face?" My questions just kept flowing from my mouth.

"No, It was far too dark to see any significant features. Although, he did say he'd be at the Ball tonight. I think he might be wanting to talk to you." Nurse smiled as I did too.

I couldn't help but smile when I thought of him. I didn't even know him but already I feel like I've known him for a while, we met just less than Twenty-Four hours ago and now I feel like I have some kind of attachment to him.


I walked down the stairs to the hall where the ball was being held. There was masses of decorations covering the place. I finally got to the bottom and was greeted by my Mother and Father.

"You look beautiful tonight, darling." Father turned around and said, I assumed he was only saying this because he was with guests. He'd never say this really.

"Thanks." My response was as insincere as his compliment.

"Mind if we have a chat, sweetheart?" Mother also turned around with a smile on my face. All for the guests.

"Of course." I pushed out a fake smile as she grabbed my arm and guided me over to the drinks table.

"That dress is much too inappropriate for this occasion." This was what she was really like.

"I think it looks fine..." I spoke looking down and examining the dress that I thought looked absolutely fine.

"No, Go and change right now. You don't want to give us a bad name, do you?" She glared as she pushed me in the direction of the left over in the corner of the room.

I moved myself inside the lift when a stranger caught my eye.

"It's you." I began. I spoke quietly to cover my nerves.

"It's you." He echoed causing me to smile a bit.

"What are you doing here?" I looked up making eye contact with him. I melted at the sight of his beautiful brown eyes.

"I came to find you. Scarlett, Scarlett Martinez." He smiled as he repeated my name.

"How do you know my name?"

"You told me. Last night, when you were drunk." He nodded.

"Aren't you gunna tell me yours?" I looked hopeful.

"I can't. It's not right." I watched him stare down at the floor.

"Please. Honestly all I can think about is the night I met you, I've been trying to think of where I know you from. I just need an answer." I begged as the lift door opened to reveal Nurse standing there staring at us.

"Scarlett, what are you doing talking to him?!" She whisper shouted pulling me from the lift and onto the third floor.

"She didn't know." He looked at Nurse and then at me.

"Know what?" I grew impatient of not knowing what everyone meant.

"Scarlett, This is Justin Bieber. The only child of the man who had sworn a war against this family for years." Nurse whispered. "I'm sorry but I cannot condone this."

Nurse pulled me away from the lift and into my bedroom. I fell on my bed with nothing but heart ache. This boy was perfect, he was caring, sweet and everything the perfect guy could be but I cannot be with him. Not ever, it's just not right. Falling for the enemy.

"Scarlett, you need to forget him." She warned.

"How can I? He's been in my head since last night!" I shouted pushing my hands against my forehead.

"You need to try because nothing can come of it. Not ever. He's a Bieber for christ sake!" Nurse shouted.

"I know!"

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