A great Ally

Ive always been hated by everyone. No-one trusts me because I have no clue of my past but I was surprised when I met a certain pink haired dragon slayer.


1. Chapter 1


Lucy's pov 

I had been sitting at my usual spot with Levy on my right and Happy on my left. I had been talking to Levy about my book and her crush on Gajeel. She could deny it all she wanted but it was plain to see by the way she looked at him. Jet and Droy didn't like the idea at all. Thats when a sudden breeze swept over the guild and a hushed silence soon followed. I looked around and could see everyone's eyes all trained on one spot and in that spot stood a cloaked figure. The figure didn't raise their head or even acknowledge the fact they had everyone's eyes on them. Instead they just walked up to Mirajane. Mira too had been staring at the intruder and even Natsu and Gray had stopped mid fight to see the stranger. Soon the stranger was standing next to Happy and started to talk to Mira.

"Do you know where the Master is at the moment?" The strangers voice was muffled by the cloak that covered their face.

"And who might you be?" Mira asked sweetly. The stranger made an annoyed noise then lifted their arm and pulled back the sleeve to reveal a fairy tail stamp on their shoulder.  I gasped and not because her mark was dark blue with light blue patches but because a huge bite mark was surrounding it. The teeth marks looked similar to a wolf bite. The stranger looked at me for a split second and that's all it took for me to freeze in my seat. Her (She had long hair and a famine face so I guessed it was a girl)  gaze had been cold and filled with hatred. She huffed then turned back to Mira.

"Oh so your apart of the guild I'll go get Master for you then" The girl was about to respond when a voice came from behind her.

"Get me for what Mira?" Master had come up right in the middle of Mira's sentence.

"Good your here master this young lady was looking for you (So I was right it was a woman!)" Mira gave Master her sweet smile and he raised an eyebrow.

"Oh really and who might she be?" Master Makarov closed his eyes and crossed his arms. The girl turned around and slowly reached up to her hood. Everyone in the guild leaned forward trying to get a good look at the girl even Gajeel was leaning forward. Soon Brown curls were free to spiral down and frame a gently curved chin, soft cheeks and a pair of bright green eyes. Master Makarov's mouth was hitting the floor then without warning he leapt forward and wrapped his small arms around the tall girls legs and buried his face in her stomach tears running down his face. 

"Is it really you?" The girl smiled then kneel down to give him a proper hug

"Yes it's me" She held him close like she was afraid if she let go he would disappear. Natsu coughed into his hand getting both Makarov's attention and the girls

"Um gramps who's this?" Makarov realized that they were surrounded by all the guild members and he pulled away from the girl quite quickly and she looked a little hurt but that was gone in a flash and she soon returned to her blank expression.

"Oh um...heh...Well this is....Angelica...I found her when she was but a child...she cant remember anything about her childhood...and I took her in" Makarov was looking at Angelica the whole time who had hidden her face with her hair. It was easy to see that she didn't like talking about her past.

"Please let me explain Master" Her voice was barely a whisper but he seemed to hear her.

"Of course my dear" Makarov stepped backwards and Angelica took one forward

"Okay so.. MY name is Angelica I don't know my last name, I was 6 years old when Master Makarov found me in a field many cuts and bruises covered my body and well I was on the verge of death but he brought me back here and raised me as if I was his own child. I knew many of you but you never knew me as I stayed up on the second floor as I was too shy to talk to any of you" She raised her head and looked at Natsu and Gray.

"You two Natsu and Gray you two loved to fight each other at every opportunity you got" She then looked at Erza

"You Erza at first you dint talk to anyone but then you started to warm up to them" She went through everyone who was here when she was little. Then she looked at me and I froze

"And I've heard about you Lucy Heartfilia your a celestial wizard are you not and you have many of the zodiac keys am I correct?" I swallowed then nodded she gave me a small smile but it didn't quite reach her eye's.

"Well Ive been apart of this guild for 12 years now and lately I have been on a mission that took 2 years to complete because for 1 and half of those years I was a prisoner..."

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